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Types of Office Space | Medical Space

Updated October 26, 2016

One office space certainly does not fit all, especially for those businesses that require medical capabilities. Whether you are a therapist in need of a quiet, private place for your patients or a scientist looking for a lab, you might be looking for a medical office space. Read on to find out if a medical office space is for you. And once you’re done reading, let us help you find your dream space for you at! 


What is a Medical Office Space?

The term “medical office space” can cover a wide range of options. What they really come down to is creating a more accessible location for your patients and your practice. Many medical office spaces choose to be located near a hospital or near a specific demographic of patients.


Medical Office Space/Photo Courtesy of
Medical Office Space/Photo Courtesy of


Why Do I Need a Medical Office Space?

There are many things to consider when choosing what kind of medical office space you need. Many medical tenants use hazardous materials, X Rays, CT scans, and other equipment that can cause biomedical waste or harmful radiation. Because of this, medical practices must find a space that is able to accommodate this.

Another reason for medical office space can be availability. Many medical practices need to be able to see their patients after hours and not every office space can accommodate that. The right medical space for you will understand that and work out a plan so that you don’t end up having to pay for extra utility charges.


How Can I Get My Own Space?

With all of the specifications and niche details that you need for your medical practice, actually FINDING that dream space can seem impossible. Finding your own office medical space can be hard, but we can help you make that dream a reality at Simply enter in your location, area, and price range, and we will offer you options from our huge database of thousands of options. Once you find some you love, our brokers will give you a call and go with you to take a look at your new space!

Browse medical office space options in your local market:

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