Best Practices For Submitting a Commercial Real Estate RFP

By Mike June 21, 2018

Your business doesn't slow down just because it's time to find new office space. Production..

Deciding on the Right Commercial Lease Term Length

By Mike May 31, 2018

Of the many decisions involved in finding new office space – from the search itself, to lease..

The Guide to Negotiating a New Office Lease

By Mike May 24, 2018

Negotiating a new office lease is cause for both celebration and consternation. On one hand, it..

Negotiating Your Tenant Improvement Allowance

By Mike April 19, 2018

After a well-organized search, you narrowed the choices of your new office space to a select..

Tips to Negotiating a Commercial Lease

By Mike March 14, 2017
Negotiating a commercial lease can be hard to navigate, which is why it’s extremely important to..

Do I get Perks With my Lease?

By Brittany September 10, 2016

You finally found the perfect space for your businesses using TenantBase and you are ready to..

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