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The Guide to Negotiating a New Office Lease

Updated May 24, 2018

Negotiating a new office lease is cause for both celebration and consternation. On one hand, it represents a significant move forward for an organization and hopefully a sign of bigger and better things to come. However, as nearly any prospective tenant would attest, negotiating a new office lease can also be a process fraught with confusion and stress.

Download The Guide to Negotiating a New Office Lease

For those reasons, TenantBase has prepared a concise but highly informative set of best practices – the Guide to Negotiating a New Office Lease – for all prospective tenants either about to start or already in the midst of the lease negotiation process. We assure you that, despite the many moving parts involved, lease negotiations can be straightforward and far less exhausting than they might appear at first glance as our new guide leads the way.

A Look From Both Sides

In our Guide to Negotiating a New Office Lease, TenantBase provides key insights from both sides of the negotiation process – tenants and landlords/owners. By providing both perspectives, organizations entering into lease negotiations are given a well-rounded, comprehensive point of view to better understand offers, counterproposals, and a landlord's mentality throughout.

Step By Step Guidance

Throughout our new guide, TenantBase takes you step-by-step through the negotiation process, beginning with finding the best lease rates – even those that aren't publicly listed – to using property comps to make sure what you're being offered is fair and competitive relative to the marketplace.

Likewise, we walk you through the request for proposal (RFP) stage of negotiations and coach you through different techniques to get the very most out of your new lease agreement – including tenant improvement allowances, free rent, and other perks typically only negotiable before a lease is signed. Our Guide to Negotiating a New Office Lease also details the RFP submittal process and what a prospective tenant should expect along the way.

Professional Assistance Protects Your Best Interests

At the various stages throughout new office lease negotiations, our new guide points out the key points where professional assistance – both an expert TenantBase advisor as well as a qualified real estate attorney – can protect your best interests and make sure a lease proposal is adequate for your needs and contract faithful to the negotiated terms.

Download The Guide to Negotiating a New Office Lease

Too much is at stake to not be fully prepared and well-versed when negotiating a new office lease. However, with an organized, methodical, and fully informed approach to the process – as spelled out in our Guide to Negotiating a New Office Lease – TenantBase is confident that the new home to your organization will be a source of hope and growth rather than stress and worry.


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