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Client Spotlight: Integritas Resources

Kailey Faber
Kailey Faber
Updated June 01, 2018

Lindy Werges took the time to chat with me about entrepreneurship, women and minorities in business, and what influenced her ultimate decision on her new office space for their three different companies.

After spending a little over 10 years with global firms in accounting and finance Lindy and her husband Tom started to see opportunities that led the couple to owning and operating three different companies. The first being Slinger Straps which was based on the need Tom saw himself for an ergonomic guitar strap. Tom’s degenerative disc disease in his neck made it difficult to play with a traditional guitar strap, but he didn’t want to give up his love of playing guitar. After inventing the guitar strap for himself he realized there was a market out there for others who suffered from the same condition referred to as “Guitar Shoulder”. Another invention came shortly after, Lindy’s product was created based on the desire to help a friend progress in her yoga practice and enjoy the practice more with a tiered yoga strap. This became its own separate product called Zen Yoga Strap. The yoga strap was invented in January of 2016 and officially launched as a company in April of 2016 after receiving a demand for the straps from local yoga instructors.

In between launching two different products (Slinger Straps in 2012 and Zen Yoga in 2016) Lindy decided it was time to fully step out on her own and combine her passions into one company and launched Integras Resources in the summer of 2016. Integras Resources is an executive search, recruitment & staffing firm that specializes in finance and accounting. Lindy runs these businesses from the passion to support women owned businesses, minority owned businesses, and under-resourced teen education combined with her experience in the accounting and finance world. From the internships within the company to connecting and working alongside other women and/or minority owned businesses, they are deeply rooted in supporting the community.

All three businesses are housed under one roof and staffed together. When the time came to look for new office space, “We wanted to be sure to find something with the creative space to support the ecommerce side with the professionalism of an executive search and staffing company,” said Lindy. They began seeking for space via online property search engines. Through online searching Lindy came in contact with TenantBase and was quickly impressed with the approach and attention of her advisor Andrea Bartalsky.

“Andrea asked the right questions to ensure that we were going to find the right spot for our businesses,” says Lindy. It was a collaborative relationship where Lindy would send spaces and immediately get feedback from Andrea on the space. “There was a trust created that Andrea was interested in the heart of our businesses.”

Through the search process Andrea highlighted several different options but one space remained at the top for it’s intentional service oriented management and availability of space. “Based on the type of service the building management and landlord offered I knew this would be a great space for Lindy and her team” said Andrea. The building is full service and has an open air courtyard that runs through the center. It also went fully solar 5 years ago to mitigate the costs to its tenants.

They have recently set up and moved into the new office space. “We’ll really have the room now to grow” says Lindy. It’s one big open room, which allows for the collaborative approach that Lindy and her husband take between all three of their companies.

To learn more, be sure to check out their products and services at Slinger Straps, Zen Yoga Strap, and Integritas Resources.

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