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Types of Office Space | CoWorking and Executive Suite

Updated September 05, 2016

With the growing success of startups, office spaces need to be adaptable and contain the potential to rapidly change in size and function. Executive suites are perfect for small businesses that are looking for a more traditional space, but do not want to be anchored by the binding conditions of a conventional office. If you need a professional space for a shorter period of time and are willing to rent amenities, you should consider an executive suite.


What are Executive Suites?

Executive suites are typically small with short lease periods, so landlords are typically eager to rent out these small spaces faster than larger commercial spaces. Amenities could be included or may be available to rent for the duration of your lease. Ordinarily, essential services like upkeep and security are negotiated into the cost of your suite. While these conditions may sound appealing, keep in mind that these spaces have limited room for customization and further immediate growth. If you are a small startup with an unpredictable future, this type of space is a perfect first home as you continue to develop.  

How do I get my own?

Executive suites are found tucked away in traditional buildings, grouped together in one complex, or standing alone as an individual building. The spaces vary in price according to location, quality, and landowner, so you may need some help finding the perfect office for you. Brokers tend to be frustrated when completing small deals for executive suites because the commission is not substantial. In addition, these brokers only act as a mediator between the landlord and tenant, so they typically work more in favor for the landlord to receive a higher share from the deal. 

How do I make it my own?

Once you acquire an executive suite, you can use it for daily work and meeting clients. These spaces can be quite minimal in furnishing and decoration, so be sure to add a few personalized items that define your company in order to make it your home and headquarters. Make the most of your included amenities to expand your business and save money. Procuring a space is an exciting step to building your business, so make sure you do it right and get the executive suite that is perfect for you!

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