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Spotlight | Relocation Strategies

Updated June 30, 2016

We’ve searched high and low, toured offices together, and helped you find the perfect space. You’ve just signed your lease – celebrations ensue! And then you realize… you have to move offices.

We’re always looking for services that continue to support our clients after we find the perfect office space together. Again and again, we hear that the biggest pain point is moving. Enter Relocation Strategies, built to help businesses manage and execute the entire process of moving offices.


About Relocation Strategies:


Relocation Strategies is a move management company that plans, manages, coordinates and executes the relocation of small and large companies alike. It was created to be a one-stop source that assists companies with the entire process of relocating to a new space.

“We save you the headache because we are the experts,” says Corey Udkoff, who is a partner at the company’s Southern California location. “We are involved in 40-50 relocations a year, and save our clients time, stress, and money and keep their productivity high.”



Corey Udkoff, Relocation Strategies, Move offices
Corey Udkoff, Partner at Relocation Strategies


Corey and his team help clients relocate to all kinds of spaces, including office, industrial, warehouse, and creative office space. Relocation Strategies works with companies ranging from privately-owned firms with 10 employees to Fortune 500 corporations such as Macy’s, Kellogg's, and P&G.

The Problem:

Many companies do not realize how much time goes into relocating office space in Orange County and are often surprised by unforeseen costs. For example, the average office move involves 15 hours just to compile the vendor roster and more than 100 hours to plan and manage.  It is quite common for people to not realize the additional expense for moving specialized items such as copiers and signs or to properly factor in the costs of electricians and cabling companies when relocating workstations. It is more complicated to move offices that most anticipate!

The Relocation Strategies Solution:

“The way that I explain it is; can you imagine if you decided to build your own house?  You could hire all the people and manage them yourself, but you would inevitably make a lot of beginner mistakes…and unfortunately, you won’t get another chance to build upon what you learned.  Plus, just think of what you could have done at work instead if you had outsourced to the effort.”

The services that Relocation Strategies includes in an office move (but are not limited to):

  •   Alarm
  •   Cabling
  •   Computers- disconnect/connect
  •   Decommission old space
  •   E-waste
  •   Furniture
  •   Mover
  •   Phone
  •   Plants
  •   Security
  •   Server – disconnect/connect
  •   Shredding service
  •   Signage
  •   Used furniture
  •   Water service
  •   Wireless access point


What Goes into Relocating a Large Business:

One of the largest companies that we have relocated is Procter & Gamble. We managed the entire process from start to finish. This included assisting employees with moving their belongings, purging their excess items, training them on their telephone systems…and even locating dry cleaners.

Another large business that we have worked with is Macy’s. We remodeled their headquarters in Cincinnati. We actually did it one section at a time so we wouldn’t have to disrupt their entire business. They were really great with the whole process and understood that we were there to help.


Thank you to Corey and Relocation Strategies for participating in this week's Spotlight!

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