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Opportunities in Different Types of Commercial Space

Updated August 11, 2015

Nashville is attracting businesses from all industries. Not only are we seeing major players like Bridgestone, UBS, HCA and more making expansions and relocations in the Downtown Nashville area, we are seeing small and medium sized businesses staking their claim in the city.

This unprecedented influx of small and corporate business has put a strain on the Nashville market as businesses are looking for all types of office space to make Nashville home. This ramped up demand has turned Nashville into a seller’s market and driven vacancy rates to incredibly low levels.

As businesses continue to gobble up all the remaining space in Nashville, let’s take a look at the businesses looking to occupy a different types of commercial space. The rise in our local population is creating new opportunities for many entrepreneurs to open new eateries and retail grocery stores.

North Nashville is the future home of a new pizzeria and beer joint called Slim & Huskey’s. Opening at 911 Buchanan St, this restaurant runs parallel with the craft beer and artisan food scene. We are sure that the local residential neighborhoods are going to be excited to visit here.

Corsair Distillery has planted 12 acres of grapes at a local farm with plans to complete a 10,000-square-foot-distillery and winery.  The rise of “microbreweries” and local distilleries has given many people the opportunity to showcase their talents.  Corsair Distillery looks to be no exception and will be a great addition to a city that already boasts great businesses, such as Arrington Vineyards, and become a popular destination for Tennesseans.

One company is circumventing the real estate shortage by offering convenience and service over location. The Local Collaborative is coming soon to Nashville and will offer handcrafted artisan goods conveniently delivered to your door. With retail space being limited, they will add to the limited grocery options to budding markets while satisfying every Nashvillians desire to support local small businesses.

It’s no secret Nashville is growing at a historic pace.  This surge in population has left all residents of seen a surge of new residents thirsting for more grocery and retail options.  At a 97% occupancy, we believe there is enough people to support these new businesses.

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