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Nashville Commercial Real Estate Equals Exciting Times

Updated July 29, 2015

It is a very exciting time to be in the commercial real estate industry and working to introduce a technology driven model to the commercial real estate and local business communities. New ideas and businesses seem to sprout up every day working to help individuals and businesses searching for real estate (residential and commercial), with technology often at the core of the new models. As so many new concepts take aim at the market it will be exciting to see which companies can truly make a lasting impact on the quality of service and experience they deliver for their customers.

Here are three traits we focus on to help us deliver better service:

  • Accessible: It is easy to be “available” with a website (24/7!) but most technology businesses still involve some level of interaction in order to provide the best user experience. Being responsive with a sincere desire to help a customer is the first thing we look for in all of our people. We have worked hard to incorporate our service-minded culture into our software and customer interactions.

  • Transparent: Work to let everyone know how you do business, what to expect, and clarify your company’s role. This sets up relationships for success. At TenantBase, our structure accomplishes some of this for us because we are focused on tenants only - businesses searching for office space. This way we have no conflicts in the market for representing buildings, and provide an unbiased resource for a business trying to find office space. However, structure alone is not enough, as transparency must be demonstrated in every interaction your business has with your customer.

  • Collaborative: Most businesses are built to solve a problem they initially saw for their potential customers. As your business grows and evolves it is important to continue to listen to feedback (good and bad) from customers, employees and partners in the market to help make decisions for product or service improvements. We build in requests for feedback with all of our customers and try to encourage new ideas from employees to make sure we know where we can make changes to deliver a better experience.


We feel that these attributes can help a technology-oriented company provide better service and has helped us as we work with businesses searching for Nashville office space. There are certainly others and we are always looking to improve our service in many different ways.

One example and recent addition is our Nashville local market guide (still a work in progress!). You can view a basic overview of each different neighborhood in Nashville (Music Row, Germantown, the Gulch etc.) and help improve the focus of your search for office space.

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