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Nashville Traffic Posing Problem For Local Office Space

Updated July 22, 2015

In case you haven’t noticed, Nashville is getting a little more congested and it seems to get worse every day. Most noticeably, the interstate system is getting very clogged and Nashville is struggling to find the solution. I-24 is seeing the most tension, connecting us to Murfreesboro, and it is considered to be the most congested roadway in the entire state. The other highways and interstates are being overly exhausted and also seeing large increases as well.

Plans are being discussed and it looks like our older methods of answering population increases are not feasible to maintain this current growth. Traditionally, we would widened the roads and create more lanes, but experts are saying that we will end up back in the same spot we are in now if we choose this route. Others are proposing a monorail from Nashville to Murfreesboro, along with ideas of rapid bus systems. The rapid bus system is intriguing because it would create a separate lane for the buses to travel during rush hour when traffic is dramatically slower.

Experts are looking for long term solutions with budget in mind, and these are big decisions for the future progress of our city. There are many neighborhoods that need immediate relief from traffic. Brentwood, Green Hills and other areas near downtown Nashville are among those that need the most help with the congestion issues.
For a businesses making a decision on where to lease office space in Nashville, traffic and commuter times are becoming more important considerations. Typically we have seen parking availability as the primary focus as it relates to employees getting to and from work, but as the city of Nashville and the surrounding areas grow we are discussing the commute just as much as the constraints/costs of parking. In a tight real estate market like Nashville, businesses cannot always check every box on their wishlist but planning around traffic concerns over the next few years is important in any lease decision. As a result we are seeing more tenants consider areas of the city that were potentially outside the search parameter previously.

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