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Nashville Tower Being Put In The Shadows

Updated September 15, 2015

An out of state developer has run into a bit of a hold up with what what appears to be a shady issue… shadows cast over an existing swimming pool. In the coming weeks the metro government will be deciding how to influence the 38-story residential skyscraper being erected in the Gulch.

The Buckingham Tower, at a proposed 38 stories tall, would be one of Nashville’s tallest buildings. The giant tower will be sitting on 0.5 acres in a premier Gulch location at the corner of 12th Avenue South and Division St . The developer, Buckingham Cos., will meet with the city in what may be the most complicated project in the company's 31-year history.

The construction of the tower highlights the problems that arise with growth amid the booming downtown construction. Blasting, concrete construction, jack hammering and other loud noises are typical issues people encounter with most construction projects, however, shadows are an uncommon element discussed in a meeting with the committee of the Metro Development and Housing Agency.

Residents, understandably, are concerned for the  balcony views and abundant poolside sunlight that attracted them to the location. With these concerns in mind, the developer believes they can overcome objections as long as the building is aesthetically pleasing from all sides. As proposed, the building will be the tallest in the Gulch, but an emphasis on the design, material, and view from the highway may be what is takes to gain approval from the city.

Here at TenantBase, our real estate professionals that growth is important for our city, especially since we are experiencing a shortage of both residential space and commercial space for lease. To accommodate for the rapid growth of Nashville, we feel that the city should show leniency to the developers working to solve the city’s housing and commercial space shortage. 

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