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TenantBase Frequently Asked Questions

Chelsea Cain
Updated March 13, 2016

Have a question that isn't covered in our frequently asked questions? Get in touch with us here.


I just signed in for the first time. What do I do next?

Take action! Start your search, favorite a building, ask a question or schedule a tour. This will also help your local Advisor make recommendations that may be the perfect fit.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for right away, chat us on the site! We are here to work for you, so reach out or schedule a call with your Advisor if you have any questions at all.


Why do I have to have an account to search?

Our goal is provide you with the most relevant, customized content to fit your needs. When you create an account, we are able to tailor office options according to your parameters and enable collaboration with our Advisors. Your account allows you to access all available office spaces in your market, and our in-house team of local real estate advisors can help you navigate the information to get the best results. Whether you are searching for a space now or just browsing, your account allows us to provide you with the best service.


Why is this a free service?

We are able to provide the TenantBase platform and service at no cost to our users because we are paid by office building owners/landlords for helping facilitate your lease. However, we do not represent any owners/landlords and only work on behalf of our tenant users.


Where does TenantBase get listing information?

We have a community approach to information gathering and sharing. We compile information directly from the landlords and listing agents that have office space available, and have our own local team constantly looking for the best office space for small businesses and startups. This helps us provide more accurate information and gets you access to space fast when you’re ready to tour.


When should I start looking for a new office space?

Good question! Our blog post, How to Find the Perfect Office Space, is a great guide to help you start your search. In general, you want to start evaluating the market at least 3 - 6 months before your next move. This will change depending on your needs, so ask your TenantBase Advisor for their advice catered to your requirements.


How much should I budget for a new space?

Working with small businesses, we know importance of the budget. That said, we encourage you to think about what you really need and want for your business, and work to find the right fit first. The same size space could cost $1,500 or $3,000 depending on location, amenities, and other costs (such as parking). Whether your goal is to find the cheapest workable space or an inspiring creative office, it all starts with what is most important to you.


Why use TenantBase?

Simple. We save you time and money.

Our technology eliminates time wasted searching for space manually. Our in-house commercial real estate brokerage helps you save money by providing expert advice and support throughout the leasing process. You can leverage both as much as you want, at no cost.

We ensure that our in-house licensed real estate pro’s are focused on you and your needs by compensating them with a generous competitive salary rather than commission. Their only focus is helping you find the perfect office space - not chasing commission.

The office leasing process may feel like finding and leasing an apartment, but there are many pitfalls an experienced real estate broker can help you navigate. We are built for small businesses and start ups and would love to work with you! However, whether you decide to work with us or not, we definitely suggest working with a professional to help you succeed throughout this complicated process.



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