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Nashville Offices Going Gig

Updated May 30, 2015

Nashville is becoming a breeding ground for business. The rapid growth is attracting new industries and great technologies. Similar to Tennessee’s southern city Chattanooga, Nashville can now say it is a gig city. With announcements from the 3 major gig internet providers, Google, AT&T, and Comcast, Nashville office space is getting even more attractive for business and startups.

Nashville offices have had the opportunity to provide their businesses with gig internet from providers AT&T and Comcast for years, but the companies have always charged a heavy premium for the luxury service. Most businesses in Nashville usually settle for the standard services offered from the local internet providers. Soon, gig internet will be the benchmark for all providers allowing all businesses to operate quicker and download large files in seconds.

The Nashville Business Environment Is Heating Up

With over 30,000 people moving to Nashville every year, the lower than average cost of living, gig internet, and the business-friendly tax structure have made the prices for Nashville office spaces rise quickly. The rise is also due to supply and demand, if you gaze across the city skyline you will see dozens of cranes working to build more inventory for the city. More and more buildings are being developed every day, while contractors are also renovating older buildings producing vintage but elegant Nashville office spaces.

If you are needing to lease a Nashville office space, you must try our free dynamic process of selecting the spot that fits your business needs.

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