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Press Release: Commercial Real Estate Tech Startup, TenantBase, expands to Southern California

Kailey Faber
Kailey Faber
Updated May 27, 2015

TenantBase, LLC expands their office space matchmaking software/service to the West Coast with their acceptance to Southern California’s premier technology incubator, EvoNexus

TenantBase, a technology based office space brokerage operating in Nashville, TN, has been accepted into Southern California’s premier technology incubator, EvoNexus. Following a wildly successful 2014 beta test in Nashville, TN, TenantBase will be expanding their presence to Southern California in order to service a growing demand for their office space matchmaking software and service. TenantBase will work with Technology Executives Greg Hawkins, former CEO of, and Albert Chow, former Prima Cinema Executive, as they set the stage for their national expansion.

Starting June 1st , TenantBase will be moving into their Irvine, CA office in the EvoNexus Incubator. To date, EvoNexus has received over 1000 applications to join their community of start-ups, with a total of 55 companies currently incubating in the program.  EvoNexus already boasts an impressive success rate since their inception in 2009, as companies participating in their program have raised a total of $610 Million in total funding and outcomes. EvoNexus alumnus include ecoATM (acquired by Outerwall, formerly Coinstar), Edico Genome (Series A led by Qualcomm Ventures) and Tomnod (acquired by Digital Globe).

TenantBase will continue their bustling Nashville office as they work with EvoNexus to further refine their online experience to find and lease office space.

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