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How to Create a Positive Work Environment When Moving to a New Office

Kailey Faber
Kailey Faber
Updated February 07, 2017
Moving to a new office can often be a fun and exciting experience for everyone involved. A new office is a great place to have a clean slate and a new start for you and your employees. It’s also an excellent way to create, develop, and foster a positive work environment for you and your team. A positive workspace will motivate your employees to focused work and better morale. People thrive in positive work environments, so it's important that every employer learn how to maintain one. However, this is not always an easy task.
Creating a positive work environment takes time, effort, and dedication. So, we’ve put together a few steps on how you can create the best office atmosphere for your employees. Read on to see our guide on how to create a positive work environment when moving to a new office.

1.    Encourage Open Communication with Your Employees

In a positive work environment, it’s important to maintain and encourage open and transparent communication with your employees. Employees should be able to have open  conversations with upper management about their needs, wants, and requests. In return, upper management should be able to answer questions, give feedback, and provide assistance.  This can be fostered through office layout (everyone in a cubicle) or with a true open door policy if there are private offices. Also, areas to congregate for lunch, coffee or breaks are great ways to improve communication in the office. Open communication with employees increases productivity, creates a greater sense of job satisfaction, and reduces stress in the workplace – which leads to a positive work environment.

2.    Provide Your Employees with Positive Reinforcement

Everyone loves feeling appreciated! That’s why it's important that managers give their employees feedback and commend their hard work. A small compliment will do wonders for your employee’s self-esteem and is sure to add a little brightness to their day. Positive reinforcements like bonuses and compliments will instantly raise happiness and morale – something that all workplaces could use. Praise and encouragement go a long way in creating a positive workplace. Announcing this publicly in a regular team meeting is a great way to show that great work is rewarded and appreciated.

3.    Foster Collaboration and Teamwork

In a positive workplace, teamwork and collaboration are encouraged amongst colleagues. Your employees should be able to support and depend on each other to solve problems and work through issues. Managers can host team-building sessions to foster communication and collaboration.
Offering social outings and team gatherings every so often, is a great way for employees to bond and build camaraderie, and foster friendships. For example, escape rooms are the perfect places to promote teamwork and provide a fun activity for your colleagues. Remember, a positive work environment can only be established once all employees can work together as a unified team.

4.    Promote and Encourage a Balance of Work and Fun

Stressed out and overworked employees will lead to a negative work environment. An unhappy employee is one that is more likely to quit and find a better job. Managers must work to ensure that there is a balance between work and fun in the workplace.
It’s always a good idea to combat exhaustion with breaks. In this case, managers can host fun and enjoyable corporate work events for their employees – whether it be a day of fun activities at the beach or an outing at a local restaurant. This will foster a positive work environment and help create a balance between work and fun.
Maintaining a positive work environment is the key to success. By moving into a new office, you’ll get a chance to create a great place for your employees to work. So what are you waiting for? Find the perfect office space to create a great workspace today!

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