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Lindsay Lutz
Lindsay Lutz
Updated October 30, 2018

TenantBase recently helped recruiting agency Fynd Talent into new office space in Downtown, Los Angeles. We spoke with Scott Taylor, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Fynd Talent about his business and what sets them apart in the recruiting world. 

Tell us about your business. What makes Fynd unique? 

Fynd Talent was founded in 2017 and specializes in simply that, finding talent. We operate under the intention of both revitalizing & revolutionizing the recruitment industry. By trade we are Technical Recruiters focused on Blockchain, Autonomous Driving, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science.

Outside of technical skills, we tend to live life under the assumption that collaboration drives innovation, so we happily take responsibility to offer that 'collaboration' piece as a driving factor in doing business. We look to create solutions to existing staffing problems while shaping a strategy with clients to long term staffing goals.

As Agency Recruiters, we live on social networking sites. Daily, we see the lives we are committed to changing shun the recruitment profession.  We left the agency world to flip the stigma by being true to our strengths and honest from the get-go.  No more square pegs in a round hole to hit a metric.  We put our recruiters first, and they put their clients & candidates first.

How do we do it?  We play to our individual strengths and work as a unit throughout the recruitment process.  As a small boutique recruitment firm, everyone we encounter receives white glove service.  After all, we are dealing with more than a job description and more than a profile.  We are bringing back the human aspect to recruitment one conversation at a time.

Fynd Talent, Inc. “Anti Recruiting Recruiting Club,” established 2017.

How was your company founded?

The company was founded based on the idea that there was a lack of care amongst recruiters which led to many metrics implemented by management and ultimately candidates not treated properly, less like people and more like numbers. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a lot of greed within the industry and recruiters have witnessed less and less of their true earnings relative to their value added in their respective agency/organizations.

From the Randstad’s - Aerotek’s - the Robert Half’s of the world, executive management has been taking large payouts from the bottom employees on minimal labor. Specifically, I have closed $30,000 deals and only saw $1,500 of it before taxes.  Why?  Lol, All the company gave me was an old laptop and a LinkedIn Recruiter Account.  Where is the rest of the money going?  Probably the new Porsche in the reserved spot of a guy I see once a week. 

We wanted to change that, so we started Fynd Talent. 

Fynd Talent puts more money in the hands of the recruiters and to add immediate value to not only the clients, but candidates as well. We’re moving, if not already, in an era where it’s primarily a candidate driven market and if we continue with the same practices, there will no longer be trust in the ‘Recruitment’ name as a whole.

Describe you new office space and location.

Pure and simple - it's a vibe.

A creative gallery type of space (exposed brick and all) that is tucked away in the Arts District of Los Angeles.  In walking distance to great eateries and also the home of a small cafe that was created as a side project to one of the already tenants.  Great coffee but don't sleep on the bagels. 

Walking into the door you're met with an open layout of possibilities and opportunities.  Can't forget the one stand alone wood beam that we are excited to get creative with.  Facing West we get great natural lighting in our windows without the glare of the sun.

It's quite empty right now, waiting eagerly to be a part of the Fynd Talent family given that touch of creative juice.  Ideas have already gone around the team of what should be included; from a creative space to paint on, a huge custom made coffee table that the Fynd team will build, to a vert ramp in the corner to get the blood pumping and our skate vibes flowing.  There's even an outside entertainment area where we plan on holding events (shouts LA Tech Recruitment MeetUp), get togethers and enjoying the Los Angeles sounds. 

Why did you select that neighborhood?

Fynd Talent's main goal is to break the mold that recruitment agencies have been put into.  We want to get creative, get loud, and break down walls that our industry has built up for years.  Our office and location had to reflect that.  We felt the Arts District carried that tone. With all the street-art, hungry creatives, and a sense of revitalization, we felt it was a great match.  Plus, it's one of the fastest growing tech scenes in Los Angeles with companies like Lyft and Hyperloop in offices nearby.

What else should we know about you and your business?

That we are a force that isn’t afraid to try something new, we aren’t afraid to fail because we see success in every failure, so there is never any true failure. 

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