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Lindsay Lutz
Lindsay Lutz
Updated November 09, 2018

TenantBase recently helped technology company Juice Analytics into new office space in Nashville, TN. We spoke with Zach Gemignani CEO of Juice Analytics about his data visualization business. 

Tell us about your business. What makes your company unique?

In a world awash in data, Juice is on a mission to help people more effectively communicate with this data. We’ve created a unique technology solution that lets our customers build interactive data storytelling web applications. We’ve worked with dozens of companies but have special experience in healthcare, education, and information services.

What problems does your company solve for your customers?
Our customers have valuable data and want to deliver that data to their customers. Using our Juicebox platform, we let them design, build, and launch new data products. For start-ups, this can mean helping them get to market faster and generate new sales. For large companies, our Juicebox applications mean new revenue streams and more engaged customers.

How has your business grown?
Our company has grown in fits and start. For the first eight years of our company, Juice was a technology consulting firm that built customized analytical applications. We grew from two people in my basement to a team of 10 people in DC and Atlanta. A few years ago, we moved the company to Nashville and transitioned to selling our technology platform. We’ve more than doubled in size since then.

How do you personally define business success? Is it money? Freedom? Influence? Creative expression and innovation? Something else?
Success is achieving our vision -- everything else is a sign-post (or distraction) along the way. Our vision is to let anyone tell engaging, impactful stories with their data. In the meantime, I appreciate the opportunity to create a company culture and work environment that I enjoy everyday.

Describe you new office space and location.
Our new office space balances open spaces, social areas, and quiet areas for focused work. We want to give our staff a fluid, fun environment where they can do their best work.

Why did you select that neighborhood?
The office is in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood. This is a great up-and-coming area of Nashville. There are art galleries, breweries, coffee shops, and excellent places to eat. The neighborhood is rapidly transforming. We are excited to be part of that process.

What else should we know about you and your business?
We’ve always been really committed to engaging with the different communities related to our business. That means sharing our insights about data visualization, connecting with local technology groups, and participating in the start-up communities in Nashville and Atlanta.


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