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Client Spotlight: Alpine Equipment Funding

Kailey Faber
Kailey Faber
Updated August 08, 2017


Shortly after moving into his new office space we had the chance to talk with William Beaver about his office search experience and what he’s learned along the way while running Alpine Equipment Funding.

William and business partner Jim Hilbert founded Alpine Equipment Funding in 1996 with a specific focus of providing equipment financing options to  service and repair contractors.  After years of working in the same field at the corporate level, Beaver saw the opportunity to go out on his own with a partner to start Alpine Equipment Funding. “I brought the industry experience while my partner brought the accounting experience. It was a good fit,” Beaver said.  After twenty one years, while his partner has now retired, the company stands strong and is continuing to grow under Beaver’s leadership.

About three months ago Beaver saw that it was time to consolidate all of their operations under one roof and started searching for space. “Working from home is overrated,” he said “It’s really hard to detach yourself and the work is always there.”  So he started looking for better options in the Newport Beach area. “I originally was looking to buy a commercial building but after looking into the local commercial market the timing did not seem right,” Beaver said.  After a lack of response from other commercial brokers during his search for space, Beaver came in contact with TenantBase through an online search. “I connected with my advisor, Dustin Salem, and was pleasantly impressed with his responsiveness, market knowledge and willingness to help,” said Beaver.

After the initial tour of one sublease that didn’t seem to fit their needs, Salem then expanded the search to more options in the area. “I knew that convenience was important to Bill, so I focused on a specific area in the market,” Salem said. Not long after that he found a 700 square foot sublease within a mile from Beaver’s house with 2 offices, large reception area and conference room.

“It’s a nice professional space.” says Beaver “The complex also holds an incubator with many different companies that makes for a nice environment and is even dog friendly.” Now he will occasionally take his golden retriever to work with him. In addition to the building amenities, his company has a professional space to meet and work on a regular basis.

What does William Beaver owe to the long term growth of his company? “Starting out we had to make some really tough decisions about cash flow,” he said.  He feels he owes a lot of his longevity to being fiscally conservative in the beginning. “Get some experience in your industry before venturing out on your own,” Beaver added.   Beaver has been able to apply a lot of what he learned in the corporate world to his own venture.

Beaver loves that he doesn’t have to go outside of Newport Beach very often and is a regular at nearby R+D kitchen for lunch and loves to stop in at Muldoon’s Irish Pub. You can find out more about Alpine Equipment Funding at

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