The Top 14 Coworking Spaces for Startups in Dallas

By Mike November 16, 2017

Starting a business in a garage is so 1970. These days, your first office space is more likely..

Client Spotlight: Sweet Candy Wholesale Inc

By Kailey Faber November 14, 2017


Adrian Guerrero took time on his commute to chat with me about his company Sweet Candy..

Take This Checklist on Every Office Space Tour

By Mike November 9, 2017

This dynamic world doesn't have much patience for wasted time and random dilly-dallying. Aside..

Get to Know Your Advisor: Shawn Hall

By Kailey Faber November 1, 2017

Our advisor’s work closely with clients to ensure they get the best deal for their market..

Client Spotlight: Luxe CoachCraft

By Kailey Faber October 25, 2017

Ryan Bicknell with Luxe CoachCraft recently moved into their new office space a few weeks ago...

Client Spotlight: D' Andrews Bakery & Cafe

By Kailey Faber October 18, 2017


David Andrews is a Nashville native but his passion in the culinary world led him to New York..

Client Spotlight: Weiser Security

By Kailey Faber October 4, 2017

In 1970 Weiser Security was started by Earl A. Weiser in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a retired..

Get to Know Your Advisor: Zach Porteous

By Kailey Faber September 29, 2017

Our advisors work closely with our clients through every aspect of the search and leasing..

Mike Paleo: First 90 Days at TenantBase

By Kailey Faber September 21, 2017

Mike Paleo and I got a chance to sit down and talk about his experience working with TenantBase..

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