How Much Office Space Do I Need?

By Mike January 18, 2018

Small businesses and startups face daunting challenges every day, from slim margins and..

Client Spotlight: Richardson Neck and Back Pain Relief

By Kailey Faber January 16, 2018

Dr. David Kirk started his chiropractic office, Richardson Neck and Back Pain Relief..

Office Space Terms: Usable vs Rentable Square Footage

By Kailey Faber January 9, 2018

A common misconception is that real estate is the same whether you are leasing an office space..

Top 13 Coworking Spaces in Orange County

By Kailey Faber December 19, 2017

Coworking is not a new concept but it is certainly a growing concept. As the mobile and nomadic..

The Best Industrial & Warehouse Office Space in the Dallas Area

By Mike December 18, 2017

Is your startup or small business ready to move out of the garage and into some real space? If..

The Dallas Tech Boom Has Consequences on Your Office Space Search

By Mike December 13, 2017

Real estate markets typically evolve in lockstep with a local economy. A perfect example of this..

Client Spotlight: Willowbend Corporation

By Kailey Faber December 12, 2017

A few weeks ago before the rush of holidays I had the chance to speak with Stephen Thompson of..

How to Decide on a New Office Location for Your Startup

By Mike December 7, 2017

For startups, choosing the right office space is more than just finding the right physical..

Coworking vs. Small Office Space: A Startup Dilemma [infographic]

By Mike December 5, 2017

The difference between trends that are simple fads and lasting, impactful sources of change is..

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