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Why is Everyone Asking Me to Sign a 3-year lease?

Updated July 27, 2016

 Finding a new office can be tricky and there are a lot of questions that simply can’t be Googled. Luckily, we compiled FAQs TenantBase hears frequently and are here to give you honest answers about why everyone is asking you to sign a 3-year lease (and more). 



Why is everyone asking me to sign a 3-year lease?

Three years is a pretty standard time for your landlord to ask you to commit. Wait until your business has at least one birthday until you sign a three year lease (just so you’re sure).


Is my landlord allowed to raise the rent?

The answer depends on whether you have a lease or a rental agreement and its exact language. If your lease does include rent increases, then your landlord may raise your rent. However, if it does not, then your landlord is not permitted to increase your rent. Make sure to check before you sign!


Do I really have to paint the walls before I move in?

You might. Most landlords just have to meet the standard of habitability. That means that it cannot be lead based, chipped, or peeling. Beyond that, you are typically on your own. Although again, check your lease before you sign and see if painting is included!

What happens if the model unit doesn’t look like the one I rented?

Don’t settle for just looking at the model! Make sure to ask to see the actual space that you are renting. If you get to your space and there are repair problems, your landlord definitely has the obligation to fix them. Feel free to ask your TenantBase advisor for guidance when you are touring!


Do I still have to give notice if my lease is ending?

Yes! You should always give a 20 day notice as a courtesy to your landlord.


How do I move all my stuff?

It can be difficult and overwhelming to try to move all of your belongings from old office space to your new one. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone! Try out a relocation service that does it for you. They will do it all for you with less stress during your time of transition.


How much office space do I actually need?

Well, the general rule is 150 square feet for a standard office and 25 square feet for a standard cubicle (per person). However, every business has its own individual needs. If you want to find the right dimensions for you, consider hiring a space planner.


Should I rent what I need now or what I expect to need in the future?

Rent what you need! It is difficult to project what you will need in the future. If you rent too much space, you could end up paying extra for empty desks. That's why it is important to analyze and discuss how long you think you'll need the space. A 3-year lease can be shorter (or longer) than you think!


I want to move offices...where should I start?

Visit! We let you search our comprehensive database of available offices in your area, then show you those spaces for free! Happy searching :)


So...can I bring my dog?

Talk to your landlord and your boss about whether Fido can become your colleague. Every landlord is different!

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