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OC Business Journal | TenantBase Has Graduated!

Chelsea Cain
Updated May 13, 2016

We are excited to announce that TenantBase has graduated from SoCal incubator EvoNexus! TenantBase has moved our headquarters to Newport Beach, CA, into the offices of Redstone Plaza.

Thank you to the Orange County Business Journal and reporter Deirdre Newman for our feature this week.


You can read the article at the bottom of this post. However, this week, we'd like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you our story.


Firstly, welcome new readers! TenantBase is a free service built to make searching for an office and signing a lease simple for startups and small businesses. In this blog, we share educational articles, relevant TenantBase news, and highlight some of the wonderful people we get to work with in "Client Spotlights." We're focused on supporting startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in our local community.


We were founded in 2014 in Nashville, TN by Bennett Washabaugh, Mike Zei, and Andy Kish. After years in the commercial real estate and technology industries, our founders noticed a prevailing issue for both local businesses and the brokerage community. Traditional firms ignored small businesses and startups, because traditional commercial real estate brokerage isn't setup to serve startups and small businesses.


In order to solve this problem, we built an office search platform supported by an in-house commercial real estate brokerage team. What does that mean? We combine technology and excellent personal service in order to empower local startups and business owners to search the local office marketplace online, talk to a commercial real estate expert, and negotiate a strategic lease... via WIFI or in-person.


TenantBase’s hybrid technology and service model has evolved into a one-stop-shop for local businesses. Read more about our mission and promise to you here.


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Read the OC Business Journal article here!

OCBJ TenantBase Graduated

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