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Client Spotlight | AXYZ

Updated July 07, 2016

This week our client spotlight is Larry Daignault, Southwest Sales Manager at AXYZ International Inc., a leading global manufacturer of CNC router systems and CNC knife systems. A CNC, computer numerical control, router is a computer controlled cutting machine used for cutting various hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminum steel, plastics, and foams (we learn so much working with our clients)! TenantBase helped him find a new office space that accommodates six fully operational machines.

We spoke with Larry about the CNC industry, the importance of high quality customer service, and his love of boogie boarding in Orange County.


AXYZ, TenantBase, Client Spotlight
Larry Daignault, Southwest Sales Manager, AXYZ International


About AXYZ International Co.: 

AXYZ International is a global manufacturer of CNC router systems and CNC knife systems. They design and build their own CNC routers out of a factory in Canada, and have have sales and support offices globally in order to reach customers all around the world. Some examples of manufacturing operations that have benefitted from AXYZ technology include:

+ aluminum composites

sign and graphics


plastic fabrication

point of purchase

metal fabrication

solid surface

many more!


The Problem:


Firstly, who knows what a CNC router is? If you’re not an expert in this niche industry or if you haven’t utilized the technology, it is easy to be deceived into using “knockoffs” that break easily and end up increasing costs.

“The challenge is helping people realize the value of spending a little more money on a product which is better quality,” said Larry. Many customers do not realize the difference between using a specialized and professional machine versus a lower quality alternative. “Spending money on machine that doesn’t do the job is a waste. It’s is better to do it right the first time.”




The AXYZ Solution:


One of the ways that Larry and the team at AXYZ set themselves apart is by offering custom machines and services to customers. AXYZ is able to provide individualistic service by matching machinery to the needs of the customer.In addition, AXYZ is the world leader of panel fabrication systems, allowing them to provide unrivaled knowledge and expertise in this dynamic market., allowing them to provide more specialization than other companies.



AXYZ, Office Space, TenantBase Larry's new office


Larry’s Advice for New Businesses:


“It can be expensive to start a new business! Make sure to have a healthy budget, a good business plan, and a forward thinking environment.”





Larry’s Orange County Recommendations:


  • Favorite restaurants: Javier's or Fred’s in Huntington, both great Mexican food places!
  • Favorite recreational activity: I love to surf and boogie board! Hiking and biking is also great around here. Outdoor life in OC is remarkable.
  • Favorite neighborhood: Newport and Laguna, they are both beautiful. There are so many others! The advantage of living in Orange County is having the beach so close!
  • Favorite place to hold meetings: Our new office!

Thank you to Larry and AXYZ for being part of this week’s Client Spotlight!


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