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Client Spotlight: Willowbend Corporation

Kailey Faber
Kailey Faber
Updated December 12, 2017

A few weeks ago before the rush of holidays I had the chance to speak with Stephen Thompson of Willowbend Corporation out of Plano, TX. Steve is the founder and owner of Willowbend Corporation, a database company that holds the geographic information of over 177 million addresses (99% of what’s available). Whatever you last bought online that had to be shipped to you most likely ran through their database to verify your address.


Steve started the company 31 years ago but their services looked very different now then they did when he first started the company. “We started out using our database for publishing but in the last few years have made the transition to mobile based technology and business intelligence” says Steve. In the very beginning they started building up their database as contractors for delivery routing systems for newspapers. Over time they realized how they had a large bank of information that was valuable for other companies and so the company pivoted into the business intelligence space.


While searching online for office space, Steve Thompson came into contact with TenantBase. Although, At the time he was just browsing and Steve was introduced to Collin Cole who stayed in touch through the following months. It became clear that Willowbend Corporation was ready to move later on and Collin lined up some options within their budget. “I ran a search for the Plano area, North of Dallas, which is a really hot market” said Collin, “put together flyers and floor plans for a premium, mid range, and value option for the group”.

“Overall Steve was a faithful client and very proactive which helped the whole process. I feel like I was able to help manage the expectations throughout the process to help Willowbend Corporation get the best deal.” Collin Cole, Dallas Advisor

“After touring five or six properties the whole process went pretty smoothly” said Steve. They toured 1800 Preston Park, knew it was the right choice and received the proposal within the week. Through negotiations they agreed on a “turn key” option where the space was going to be configured based on Willowbend’s needs. It will have three offices and a conference room which fits their growth strategy over the next few years. “This will be a really nice facility for our senior employees and a great addition to our database center in the area” Steve added.


When I asked what Steve credits to his company’s success over the years he responded, “Depend on people who know what they are doing, you can’t be an expert at everything in your life.”


To learn more about Willowbend Corporation be sure to check them out at



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