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Client Spotlight: My Local Plumber

Kailey Faber
Kailey Faber
Updated March 06, 2018

Denise Rodriguez, owner and founder of My Local Plumber, recently moved to her new office in North Dallas. In the midst of setting up their new space Denise took the time with me to discuss her path to starting and running the business and finding their first commercial office space.

You could say Denise followed in the family’s business. When she was 13 years old her father started his own plumbing business which he grew to running 9 different trucks over the years. Growing up around the business, Denise saw an opportunity to open her own plumbing shop years later in 1999 that works on residential homes for plumbing and landscaping. Like any small business they started with what they had, wearing many different hats in the process. After 18 years of steady growth, the group grew to 10 employees and 6 plumbers.

Denise owes a lot of their growth to always treating customers like family and be honest. “If you make a mistake, own it and make it right.” This tip alone has fueled their advertising because happy customers have advertised for them. She also adds to “only hire employees with good values. Only surround yourself with good, honest people.”

Feeling the squeeze of their home office, Denise knew it was time to start looking for their own commercial space. They started out driving the areas they knew they wanted to be in and looking online for available space at night and on the weekends. “We spent a lot of time looking on our own. We would call properties and never hear back because it wasn’t the right fit” said Denise. Eventually through their searching they got in touch with TenantBase Advisor Danny Muse.

After one phone conversation they hit it off. “Danny was easy to talk to on the phone and listened to what we needed” says Denise “put together a list of properties that were in the area we wanted and within our budget.” Once they narrowed down to the spot they knew was a good fit based on Danny’s recommendations everything moved pretty smoothly from there. “We were able to find a space that met their needs” said Danny “and a great landlord and leasing agent.” It helped that Denise was so communicative throughout the process “I would work with Denise, every day of the week and twice on Sundays” said Danny. Within a couple of weeks My Local Plumber signed the lease to their 3700 square foot office and warehouse space.

The shop has offices in the front with warehouse in the back, very secure, and plenty of space to grow into. Along with loading docks and space to park their trucks and trailers. “With our home office we were feeling a little stuck, now we have a place we can grow!”

You can find Denise and her family at Brother’s Pizza or the Great Outdoors Sub Shop for lunch in their neighborhood of North Dallas.

To learn more about My Local Plumber, be sure to check out their website.

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