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Client Spotlight: Blackcomb Consultants

Kailey Faber
Kailey Faber
Updated December 04, 2017

Blackcomb Consultants is an IT and Management Consulting company based out of Chicago, IL. I had the chance to talk with the founder and Managing Partner, Saroj Mohanty this past week to discuss the amazing growth the company has experienced over the last 7 years and how they came to work with TenantBase to find their Dallas office.


Saroj Mohanty had worked years in the IT world for over 30 years mostly with insurance companies as a senior executive and CIO. When it came time to retire Saroj enjoyed spending his time golfing and with family but was quickly pulled into consulting after a past contact asked Saroj to help with a project. From that Saroj saw not only a business opportunity but a way to bring his expertise to the industry and so Blackcomb Consultants was born.



Blackcomb Consultants works with property and casualty insurance companies to implement and bring up to date the systems and processes of those companies. As a partner of Guidewire software, Blackcomb Consultants partners with companies to implement and capitalize on the capabilities of the Guidewire software.


Since 2011 they have grown from a one man operation to approximately one hundred resources and have offices across the country. One thing Mohanty owes to his growth is finding the right partners along the way, whether they be partners that join him in his business as they brought on a partner in 2013 or other businesses that they partnerwith along the way. “I can usually tell after the first conversation whether I want to work with them or not” says Saroj.


Blackcomb Consultants had a presence in Dallas for a few years but when their clientele changed, the group needed to reevaluate staying in Dallas. It became clear that moving out of Dallas did not make sense but they needed to shift the type of presence in Dallas, and for that they would need a new office space. “We started looking online and came across a few properties that we liked and that is how we got in touch with TenantBase and our advisor Kathy Boop. Kathy listened very well to our needs and responded well to our needs. She brought us four options to consider, set up the tours diligently and that really helped us weed out the other spaces and narrow our options down to one.”


"Monty (Saroj) came to the table prepared, ready to go, knew where he wanted to be and had his financials ready. Made everything easy to move forward." - Kathy Boop, Advisor

The new space will help Blackcomb Consultants serve the US division of a large Japanese insurance company and provide the ongoing services to their clients. “The office is well set up for our needs with a bullpen, a few offices surrounding the bullpen, and a conference room” says Saroj. They will move into the new space starting the first week of January as they continue to grow and expand their reach.


Stay in touch with Blackcomb Consultants through their website or twitter @blackcombcons



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