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    Top 13 Coworking Spaces in Orange County

    Kailey Faber
    Kailey Faber
    Updated December 19, 2017

    Note: We've added additional coworking options to this list since first publishing.

    Coworking is not a new concept but it is certainly a growing concept. As the mobile and nomadic community of workers grow so does their office space. The open space concept provides a home for a range of work from the brainstorming and mind mapping to sheet metal work there is a space for everyone.

    Most of these spaces offer similar amenities – conference rooms, common areas, a physical mailing address, a printer, Wi-Fi, coffee, various treats and, most importantly, a community. It’s this built-in source of inspiration, ideas and collaboration that truly makes coworking work.

    Many of our top 13 14 workspaces have other locations but, if you’re in Orange County, here’s where you should start your search:


    Hana at Park Place

    Hana offers flexible workspace solutions including flexible private offices, hourly on-demand meeting rooms, and premium coworking spaces. Their dedicated, flexible private offices are designed to suit teams ranging from 1-300+ employees. If you're looking for a more "traditional" coworking environment they offer luxurious lounge space, focus rooms, along with many other amenities.

    Shared Workspaces, starting at $270/month

    Private Team Suites, contact for pricing

    On-Demand Meeting Rooms, starting at $25/hour



    Batch is a creative coworking space started by a branding company. Nestled in the heart of downtown Santa Ana Batch is benefits from the easy access to restaurants, bars and coffee shops as well as the downtown farmer’s market and the many other activities offered in DTSA.

    The space is a modern, comfortable environment for creatives with shared open space. Options listed below:

    2 Days a week, $200

    3 Days a week, $320

    4 Days a week, $440

    Dedicated Desk, $550


    Crash Labs

    In the heart of Costa Mesa on 17th street sits 2500 sq ft of open collaborative space. Within you’ll find seating for up to 40 members and amenities such as coffee and snacks with a large outdoor courtyard for its members. Crash Labs was founded in June of 2015 with the goal of providing a space that offers community to those who work independently.

    Mailbox, $40

    Shared space, $375/month


    Explore Coworking Options on TenantBase


    Eureka Building

    At the Eureka Building there is a plethora of different office solutions. You have “the hub” which is more of a traditional coworking option and what the founder calls the gym of entrepreneurship. It offers a desk and all the amenities along with the community aspect. The Eureka Building itself offers a range of different office space and event space for the tech and startup community.

    Office Presence, $99/month

    Shared Desk, $299/month

    Dedicated Desk, $499/month

    Private Offices, (Contact)


    People Space

    A converted warehouse of 14,000 sq ft houses this coworking space that is a hub for tech companies, startups, and entrepreneurs. The space itself is a 501(c)(3) with events and resources beyond just the space giving their members the resources to learn and grow. The pricing structure is “team friendly” offering up to 4 members in two of the pricing structures, ideal for growing companies that enjoy the coworking environment.

    Team Membership, $549/month

    24/7 Team Membership, $749/month

    Private Office, from $825



    Located in Fullerton, Pro Desk Space is a creative space that has around 30 desks to host artists, freelancers, and works of all kinds. The exposed brick hosts a comfortable space and is a part of the area’s art walk with rotating work on the walls from local artist.

    8 Days/ month, $145

    12 Days/Month, $195

    Shared Space, $325/month


    We Work

    A part of a national chain of coworking spaces We Work’s Orange County location is set up in the Spectrum Center in Irvine. They believe businesses thrive through networking and the space is well set up to do just that. Open offices, events, and even an app that’s keeps it’s members connected in addition to their diverse working space.

    Hot Desk: $350/month

    Dedicated Desk: $450/month

    Private Offices: from $600/month


    Real Office Centers (The Vine)

    A hub for innovation, The Vine OC, is a space for those who value collaboration and co-creating with the other bright minds of the area. With indoor and outdoor event and working space and weekly events The Vine is a great place to get connected and stay connected to the entrepreneurial community.

    Shared space, $175/month

    Private offices, (Contact)


    Explore Coworking Options on TenantBase


    Urban Workshop

    Not your traditional work space with countless tools and a 3D printer on hand this is considered more of a “makerspace” with the coworking concept. The space offers classes to teach on the different handiwork offered in the space from working in the wood shop to sheet metal.

    Individual Membership, $175*

    *Discounts for longer term commitments



    Located in two cities within Orange County, Aliso Viejo and Costa Mesa, TechSpace is a modern sleek space that offers space that fits the startup entrepreneur to corporations. With their pre-wired set up they can have companies connected and off the ground with their new office space in a matter of hours. Their collaborative community offers all the top amenities.

    Contact for Pricing


    FLDWRK Costa Mesa

    FLDWRK (pronounced Fieldwork) takes the concept of the tech startup accelerator model joined with the social enterprise movement, offering the spiritual and emotional guidance on each of their members journey’s. Focused on the quality of their community this group seeks to support each of their work as they celebrate to create good in the world.

    Shared desks: Starting at $158


    Amande Creative Space

    Along with a range of coworking options this space is connected to rentable studio space for photography and video in the Anaheim area.

    Part Time: $125/month

    Shared space (full time): $200/month

    Dedicated Desk: $325/month


    Alchemy Factory

    Alchemy is an incubator and opened their doors to “The Factory” in August of 2016 in Costa Mesa. The Factory serves a subset of Alchemy and works with tech and healthcare startups and takes applications for those interested.


    The Dock HB

    At The Dock you’ll find a creative space for the coworking type in Huntington Beach. With bottomless coffee they have a wide range of workspaces from dedicated desks to a “hot desk”. Need meeting space? You’ll find that here!

    Shared Space, starting at $135

    Full Time Member, $325

    Dedicated Desk, $395

    Dedicated Office, starting at $595



    Be sure to use the TenantBase platform to find an available coworking space today!

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