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Top 13 Coworking Spaces in Nashville

Kailey Faber
Kailey Faber
Updated February 13, 2018

Coworking is not a new concept but it is certainly a growing concept. As the mobile and nomadic community of workers grow so does their office space. The open space concept provides a home for a range of work from the brainstorming and mind mapping to sheet metal work there is a space for everyone.

Most of these spaces offer similar amenities – conference rooms, common areas, a physical mailing address, a printer, Wi-Fi, coffee, various treats and, most importantly, a community. It’s this built-in source of inspiration, ideas and collaboration that truly makes coworking work.

Many of our top 12 workspaces have other locations but, if you’re in Nashville, here’s where you should start your search:



Located in the Bustling Germantown area Deavor offers a modern yet cozy coworking experience with community and amenities. The founders roots lie in videography which offers great space to shoot photography or video. Nashville Sounds Stadium, trendy restaurants and bars all within walking distance.

Flex: $200/mo

Shared: $300/mo

Premium: $450/mo



A National coworking concept that opened in Nashville three years ago has caught fire and continued to expand locally. The coworking space offers high end coffee and lots of space to collaborate. Each meeting space features a different characteristic of Nashville. Private offices are all glass, which offers a modern and open feel to the space. Industrious is opening a second location to it’s Gulch spot which will be in the Downtown area.

Coworking: Starts at $480

Private Office: Starts at $705


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A creative hub, this coworking space offers premier creative space with an active community to match. Located just south of Downtown Nashville the space is convenient to the 8th Avenue corridor that is growing into an attractive area for young creators. They serve local Crema coffee and have multiple options of event space.

Coworking: $400/mo

Dedicated Desk: $600/mo

Private Offices: Starting at $1000/mo



WeWork holds two spaces in the neighborhoods of Downtown and East Nashville. Modern space that offers community events to meet and network with other like minded individuals. They believe businesses thrive through networking and the space is well set up to do just that. Open offices, events, and even an app that’s keeps it’s members connected in addition to their diverse working space.

Coworking: $300/mo

Dedicated Desk: Starts at $400/mo

Private Offices: Starts at $550



InDo lies right between Music Row and Downtown in a renovated building that now hosts creative lofts up top with coworking and event space on the bottom floor. Something unique to this coworking space is the songwriters membership which allows members to book writing sessions in 3 hour time blocks.

Part Time: $125/month

Full Time: $200/month

Private Office: Contact for Details


Work Belcourt

A small group of 15 offices that sits right in the middle of the hip and busy Hillsboro Village. These office suites offer your own private space that includes internet service, a shared conference room, with free parking and an in house coffee bar.

Private Office: Starts at $1000/month

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The Refinery

Nestled in the Wedgewood Houston area just south of downtown, The Refinery has a clean modern feel for independent businesses and entrepreneurs and teams of all professions. The community is a strong creative group that has bound together to create opportunities that are not normally accessible to independent business owners such as healthcare and corporate discounts with other companies.

Part Time: $199/month

Full Time: $299/month

Dedicated Desk: $400/month


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Center 615

In East Nashville Center 615 is one of the largest spaces with 90 private office suites and 8 conference rooms. The space features common area to work in and even has a meditation room and fitness space. You could truly set up shop here and never leave!

Coworking: $275

Dedicated Desk: $400

Private Office: Contact for Details



Resides in the Berry Hill neighborhood and proves to be a one stop show for business owners and entrepreneurs. The space is clean and modern with clean lines everywhere and regularly hosts informative events that educate business owners from all walks.

Contact for Details



With two locations in Nashville, ESPACES offers a clean and professional workspace in West Nashville and Cool Springs. The space features an open concept with windows and lots of natural light. It’s a great option to stop in for a meeting or a place to work for the day.

Coworking: Starting at $225

Dedicated Desk: Starting at $500


Green Hills Office Suites

Great option for businesses that need to be in the bustling retail focused area of Green Hills. This space offers different sized office suites, meeting space, and virtual office services. Perfect solution for small businesses or those looking to outgrow a home office.

Contact for Details


Fort Houston

A long standing coworking space in Nashville, Fort Houston is the prime space for Maker’s in Nashville. Members have access to tools for woodworking and screen printing. The space offers a unique environment for those looking make physical products and the thriving maker’s community that it offers.

Coworking: $250/mo

Dedicated Desk: $400/mo

Team Membership: $500/mo


Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office offers the full range from virtual office services to private office suites and everything in between. Lots of different amenities and meeting space here if that’s what you’re looking for. Located in Downtown Nashville and walking distance to entertainment, restaurants, and parks.

Contact for Details



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