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The Ultimate Guide to Finding New Office Space

Updated January 25, 2018

Finding new office space is a perfect example of the need for deliberate planning and preparation. While it's always possible that the stars might align and the perfect office space magically falls into your proverbial lap, more often than not, it's those that employ a well-organized and methodical strategy that end up with office space that is ideal for their organization's needs.

TenantBase wants you to be one of those organizations that finds office space well-suited to both your current needs as well as those a few years down the road. To that point, we have prepared our Ultimate Guide to Finding New Office Space to serve as a roadmap on your journey towards finding ideal office space for your organization.

While we encourage you to check out the full guide to best take advantage of our expertise and insights, a handful of best practices should be enough to whet your appetite in the meantime.
Download the Ultimate Guide to Finding New Office Space

 Lay the Groundwork

Just like any effective strategy, finding appropriate office space requires a thorough grasp of your mission and goals. More precisely, you absolutely must have an understanding of how much space your organization will need, both now and in the future, as well as the specific office type, location, design, and amenities required.

Furthermore, analyzing and preparing your financials is a critical component in determining how much lease your budget can absorb. With a host of finer points like parking and furniture allowances as part of the mix, financial preparation entails much more than just simply printing out your current spreadsheets.

Narrowing the Field

Searching for appropriate office space requires a series of incremental procedures. Familiarizing yourself with the proper terminology will be of great benefit in helping you understand everything that is involved with the physical spaces you search as well as the often complex lease process. Of course, as evidenced by our invaluable Office Space Tour Checklist, conducting office tours requires a similarly methodical approach with attention to particular details.

A Bit of Insight Goes a Long Way

With additional steps like lease negotiations and the move-in itself, your search for office space obviously requires much more than a cursory look at classified ads and brief review of your financials. Spend a few moments reading our Ultimate Guide to Finding New Office Space, arm yourself with a concise and thorough understanding of what's involved, and begin your search for the new office space that will house your organization's success for years to come.

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