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The New Office Space Checklist

Updated December 13, 2018

Moving your organization to new commercial office space is equals parts momentous and stressful. It’s often a long and involved process that requires careful planning and a meticulous eye to detail to make sure it’s as smooth and worry-free as possible. TenantBase has prepared a guide, The New Office Space Checklist, to help during the transition to your company’s new home. Use it as a tool to steer you clear of potholes in the road and help make your move the exciting and hopeful occasion you want it to be.

Download the New Office Space Checklist

Take an Organized Approach

A successful office or warehouse move involves coordinating multiple vendors, schedules, and goals. In our new tool, The New Office Space Checklist, TenantBase segments your move into the following categories for maximum efficiency:

  • Broad Planning Points for Your Move
  • Furniture Planning and Space Layout
  • Your Technology Move Plan
  • Plan for Your Departure
  • Develop a Communication Strategy
  • Preparing For Your Move
  • Your Move Day and Settling Into Your New Space
  • Vendors You Might Need During the Process

A categorized approach will keep you progressing throughout your move and preventing you from feeling overwhelmed. Everything has its time and place in a successful office move and TenantBase will help you take advantage of that perspective.


A Team Effort

In The New Office Space Checklist, TenantBase also itemizes the critical points necessary to accomplish the following throughout the moving process by utilizing a team approach:

  • Establish timelines
  • Choose and partner with vendors
  • Designate key personnel for specific roles
  • Coordinate with new and old property management

Download the New Office Space Checklist

Your move into new office space should be a springboard to a successful and long-lasting future for your organization and team. Our comprehensive moving checklist will ensure a smooth and thorough transition. Use The New Office Space Checklist to ensure careful attention to detail across every stage of your move. TenantBase is here to lend our experience and expertise of the dynamic commercial real estate market.

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