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The Tenant Base Tour Guide | Orange

Updated June 24, 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of our new series, The TenantBase Tour Guide, for startups and businesses looking to set up shop in our favorite cities. This week’s city is actually Orange County’s first: the city of Orange. 

As the first city in Orange County, Orange was immensely important to the development of the large and modern county we see today. The city continues to play a crucial role through its vibrant public plaza, modern office developments, and charming residencies. The diverse economy within the town allows a variety of different industries to prosper.


Orange is the only city in the region planned around a plaza, and boasts many historical sites. The Orange Circle, the Outlets, and the regional park are just a few attractions this quaint town offers to explore.


The city currently houses 140,094 residents and is mainly an urban county. Chapman University also plays a large role this historic region. Charming retail stores and restaurants in the surrounding area create a quaint college town atmosphere.


If you are considering relocating or moving your business here, check out some of the best places to meet, eat, and explore!


Areas to work or meet outside office:





  • Bruxie: A casual lunch on a sunny afternoon
    • When to go? Lunchtime
    • What to get? Their traditional chicken and waffle sandwich
  • The Hobbit: A nice meal for a meeting
    • When to go? A nice dinner. Don’t forget to go in the cellar!
    • What to get? Filet Mignon paired with a glass of wine from their extensive list
  • Anepalco’s Cafe: Traditional Mexican cuisine with a french twist.
    • When to go? Brunch
    • What to get? Chilaquiles


Recreational activities:


  • The Factory Bouldering: One of Southern California's best indoor rock climbing gyms, with over 325 boulder problems from which to choose.
  • Holiday Skate Center: offering family friendly skating for all ages!
  • Santiago Oaks Trials: a 1,269-acre park and a nature lover’s paradise.
  • Orange County Zoo: located among the majestic 477 acre wilderness park, the Zoo is focused on animals and plants native to the southwestern United States.


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