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Less Than a Year After Launching, Tenantbase Grows Into Nashville Office Space

Kailey Faber
Kailey Faber
Updated December 30, 2015

A Growing Team and Increasing User Activity Highlight a Strong Finish to 2014

Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/30/2014 -- TenantBase, a Nashville-based technology enabled office brokerage, has exceeded user projections in its first year, opened a new office space downtown and brought on two new team members. In September, TenantBase added Kailey Faber, a local co-working veteran and small business marketing consultant, and Austin Postler, an experienced real estate professional, as key components to their team supporting businesses finding and leasing office space in Nashville.

TenantBase's office search and process management software is paired with their local advisors to help businesses find, lease, and manage their office space. It also allows users to utilize the system on their own time, providing them access to the information they need about their office space search when they want it.

"We have found Nashville to be a great place for startups and entrepreneurs, which has made a positive impact on our business as we continue to improve our software and the experience we offer to users," said Andy Kish, CTO and co-founder of TenantBase. "Our technology is at the core of what differentiates us, and constructive feedback from our users is instrumental for us to grow."

Founded in February 2014, TenantBase focuses on introducing its software to match businesses with office space that meets their users budget and needs while providing a more user friendly experience than other office search services and websites. It provides small- to mid-sized businesses – often an underserved market – the quick and focused response they need, while also delivering customized service through every step of the office search and lease process. Currently, TenantBase provides its full suite of services to Nashville-area businesses. Within the next year, TenantBase plans to expand to other markets.

A sign of TenantBase's quick growth in Nashville has been the addition of Kailey Faber, who will leverage her coworking experience and knowledge of small business and entrepreneurs to improve and expand TenantBase services.

"What I am interested in is our business model's focus on collaboration and community. We are not about just closing deals at a high volume, we really work to serve the business community by educating and working as a partner," Faber said. "We want to be where a small business turns for questions about that cool building the owner just drove by, and also as a resource for finding out, fully, about all of their working options."

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