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How Office Color Can Affect Your Company's Mood

Updated June 14, 2016

According to scientific studies, an office’s color could have an effect on your  space’s occupants. As a startup, you will be spending a lot of your time in the office, so choosing the right decor for your space has a large impact on your productivity.  It may be overwhelming at first, but these tips will help you create an environment for success.


Choose Your Color

Color has a profound impact on our mood; hence, it is beneficial to understand the effects each color could have on your employees and future clients . Blue has a tendency to be calming because we associate it with the open sky and serene ocean. Meanwhile, red typically excites and motivates physical action or assertiveness. Yellow and Orange are typically grouped together because both are correlated with high, positive energy, but studies show that these bright colors could be overwhelming for those working long hours. Green is often the most recommended to those spending many hours in the office because it is calming and is not particularly impactful on your mood.

Although there has been a debate on whether these colors and moods directly correspond, many studies have found that white is the most detrimental color to productivity because it is often associated with sterile and impersonal environments.



Personalize to Your Needs

Your space should be tailored to your startup’s industry. If your product or office environment emphasizes physical mobility and you are trying to energize the people in your space, warm colors would help generate this goal.  Employees mainly working at their desk for many hours of the day would benefit from cooling colors since these hues stabilize and calm an environment. By selecting a palette that matches your company’s mood, the space will embody the aim of your business within itself.



Stay Consistent

Carrying out a theme from the colors in your logo to the space sets a reassuring consistency for employees and clients. By connecting  familiar elements that define your business to small details in the office, you make occupants of the space feel apart of the bigger picture.



Office Space Color TenantBase This WeWork location in Irvine offers shared office space for clients. This shared office space uses lighter colors to open up the space, but uses vibrant colors in the furniture to create a vibrant work environment.



TenantBase_Office_Space_Color_1 The Skillery provides an open space for users with office amenities. The office utilizes natural , lighter shades in order to be versatile to customer needs.


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