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How Brokers Can Get Digital in a Hurry

David O'Rell
David O'Rell
Updated July 06, 2022

In a recent Deloitte survey, more than half of the commercial real estate brokers admitted that their firms lacked the digital capabilities to provide their clients with a more modern search and lease experience. And many still don’t have a clear understanding of the benefits being produced via the proptech industry. The digital tools you hear so much about in other industries, including AI, machine learning, and algorithms, have come to the commercial real estate market. But their adoption has not kept pace with their innovation.

Technology Adoption Within Commercial Real Estate

How can the vast majority of brokers change that? 

By getting digital in a hurry. The good news is that there’s no need to go it alone. There are plenty of partnership opportunities available. For brokers needing a digital boost, thankfully there’s a long overdue on-demand service model that has begun to take root in the commercial real estate sector. One that’s empowering the brokerage community to adopt a more digital approach to helping tenants find suitable commercial space.

TenantBase is a tech-enabled, online marketplace platform that helps connect companies (tenants) with available commercial real estate space. And brokers that sign up for the platform can streamline and digitize their own process for transacting commercial leases. But this digital solution doesn’t just provide benefits to brokers. Rather, there’s something in it for everyone. Tenants can search for space and be connected with a local tenant rep advisor that will help them through the leasing process, while building owners and leasing agents can list their available space and receive alerts of new tenants needing that type of space. All are welcome to freely browse deals and invited to engage directly to complete lease transactions.

Embracing the Future of Proptech

Quite frankly, the time has come for brokerages to embrace a more digital future. The market has clearly indicated the direction we’re headed, as billions in investment dollars have been poured into the proptech industry. While the implementation and/or partnership requires a short-term investment, the benefits will most notably be paid over the long-term. 

If you need to get digital in a hurry, TenantBase can help. We can bolster your online presence and widen the reach of your social media outreach. Our broker profile pages will enhance your digital presence, while enlarging your lead generation funnel for both new clients and subsequent commissions. If you need a partner to help you reach the next level, allow TenantBase to handle the heavy lifting. Visit our partner page to get started.

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