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Client Spotlight: Richardson Neck and Back Pain Relief

Kailey Faber
Kailey Faber
Updated January 16, 2018

Dr. David Kirk started his chiropractic office, Richardson Neck and Back Pain Relief Chiropractic, in North Dallas just last month. Launching his new office and business had a lot of stresses to it but he was able to pass off the worries of physical space and focus on serving his patients. Dr. Kirk shares his story below of all the ups and downs in the office search process and how he got interested in chiropractic.


Dr. Kirk was exposed to healthcare and wellness while serving in the Army as a Field Medic. In his role there he experienced first hand how fulfilling healthcare was for him. Dr. Kirk finished his degree in Biology, then sought a career in healthcare as a Doctor of Chiropractic. After finishing chiropractic school Dr. Kirk moved to work in Dallas and study under another chiropractic office doing personal injury until he felt ready to go out on his own and start his own practice.


When starting a business the last thing you want to worry about is where you are going to be located. Unfortunately that’s exactly where Dr. Kirk was, everything was lined up to start the business but after months of reaching out to brokers and different spaces on his own nothing was coming through. “It took awhile to find the right agent. Often I didn’t even get calls back or agents would show me spaces outside of my budget” recalls Dr. Kirk.


Time was running short and Dr. Kirk was less than a month away from the launch of his office. He found TenantBase Advisor, Shawn Hall’s profile and reached out directly. “Shawn was amazing and so patient with me. He knew the area well and I didn’t have to do much research.” Within a week of finding the right space Shawn was able to have a lease in hand to review. “David was great to work with, he was focused and knew what he wanted” says Shawn, “he was quick and on task with whatever we needed.”


“We were able to find something within my budget, perfect lease, and time frame” says Dr. Kirk. He was able to take the space as is and design it as needed to create the perfect environment for clients. The office was up and running on December 1st. “We had a great opening couple of weeks” he added.


The office location has allowed growth and exposure to other businesses and patients that Dr. Kirk knows he wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise. “Our location is great, it’s surrounded by other offices that are also involved in the wellness and personal injury field. We are all able to work together.” New patients have walked in just because of his location. “I’m excited for the growth we will continue to see with our office.”


“When starting a new business and searching for office space planning is absolute key to being successful.” - Dr. David Kirk


Originally from Dayton, Ohio Dr. Kirk saw opportunity in his field in Dallas. He loves the excitement of Uptown/West Village area with all the shops and clubs and loves to stop in at Terilli’s for lunch.



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