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Office Space Near the Central Expressway Corridor Is Ideal for Work, Home & Fun

Lindsay Lutz
Lindsay Lutz
Updated October 23, 2018

For what it lacks in the glitz and glamour of its Downtown neighbor to the south, the Central Expressway area in Dallas more than makes up for with a robust mixture of older business complexes, new popular retail centers, and centrally located neighborhoods a relatively short drive away. Central Expressway has experienced a surge in popularity and demand and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Search for Office Space in Dallas

To boost your hunt for the ideal space near the North Central Expressway corridor, TenantBase has prepared a quick guide to better inform your search process, make life a bit easier for your company's decision-makers, and streamline the entire process. The combination of centrally located office space, ample nearby housing for an easier commute, and a host of fast dining options between Downtown and the High Five Interchange make the area an appealing choice for employers looking for the best of all worlds.


Office Space Along Central Expressway

Home to some of the most popular office complexes in all of Dallas, space along the North Central Expressway corridor fits a wide variety of industries and companies and, therefore, offers a wide range of sizes and rents around the $25 SF range. The majority of the space is traditional Class B and, due to the booming DFW economy, availability has slimmed in recent years. A few buildings also feature Class A space as well.


Working Near Central Expressway

While Central Expressway certainly sees its fair share of rush hour traffic, commuters in the area have access to DART’s Mockingbird Station which is ideally located for most of the businesses along Central Expressway. It’s extremely convenient for workers to park and ride their way to the office, skipping the traffic altogether by way of light rail. With a variety of dining and entertainment options surrounding Mockingbird Station, working near North Central Expressway combines convenience and amenities that make it so useful in attracting talent.


Living Near the Central Expressway Corridor

A wide range of housing options, from luxury homes to apartment living, can be found close to the Expressway. Northeast Dallas features a number of family-oriented neighborhoods at reasonable price points, most with easy access to popular entertainment options, parks, and nature trails. The Knox-Henderson and Lower Greenville neighborhoods in East Dallas are popular centers for nightlife and socializing, home to several bars and restaurants while fostering a close-knit, inviting atmosphere that’s ideal for a bit of unwinding after a long day at the office. These standard-of-living features make Central Expressway an appealing choice for companies looking for a balance between work, home, and fun for their employees.

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Although rents have risen in the last few years, an inevitable trend given the combination of a thriving local economy and in-demand location, there is still some space availability along Central Expressway if you search with an organized focus and approach. As always, you can rely on TenantBase and our expert CRE advisors to help you find the ideal office space that suits your specific needs.

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