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Office Space in Uptown Dallas Offers the Best of Modern Work & Life

Randy Shipman
Randy Shipman
Updated October 25, 2018

Part of the fun in having such a thriving economy is showing it off a bit. A reinvigorated Uptown area personifies the tech-driven economic surge in Dallas that makes it the envy of metropolitan regions across the country. Built on the backs of generations that still define the city, Uptown has come to represent the future of the DFW Metroplex, providing younger generation professionals an ideal mix of work, home, and play, all within a vibrant and exciting environment. Companies establishing roots in the Uptown area are leveraging those unique characteristics, making the most of its talent-heavy population and singular branding opportunities.

Uptown Office Space

Given its popularity among young professionals, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that Uptown is home to many law, accounting, and financial firms. Office space is predominantly Class A and B with $40-60 SF and $28-32 SF respective average rents. While sizes typically fall between 25,000 and 30,000 SF, Uptown still provides a wide variety of sizes if you know how and where to look, sometimes as small as 2,000 SF.


With an ever-increasing demand for the unique qualities afforded by the Uptown area, consistent new construction has given rise to a number of combination properties that feature residential, office, and retail space all under the same roof. Parking isn’t much of an issue throughout Uptown as most buildings offer private parking and valet services.


Working in Uptown Dallas

Working in Uptown Dallas is a unique experience in comparison to other areas within the DFW Metroplex. Traffic is relatively light throughout Uptown, even across the main thoroughfare of McKinney Avenue. A highly walkable, compact environment, as well as an emphasis on bike accessibility and the trolley along McKinney make Uptown convenient and efficient to navigate.

Aside from a professionally-oriented work environment, Uptown also features restaurants, bars, and nightlife – ranging from casual, informal fare to high-end, more exclusive establishments – making it especially attractive to younger talent that prefer to have dining options and an exciting social environment within walking distance to the office. The Katy Trail runs the entire span of Uptown, giving employees a convenient, safe place to spend some time outside the office.

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Uptown Dallas provides a unique opportunity for businesses to capitalize on its unique personality and benefits, emphasizing an environment that is equally appealing for work, home, and play to attract and retain talent. You can rely on TenantBase to help find and negotiate for Uptown office space that suits your particular needs best, making the most of an exciting and dynamic area that can directly translate to lasting success

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