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    Office Space in Southwest Austin Is at the Center of the City’s Innovative Spirit

    Morin Scott
    Morin Scott
    Updated February 05, 2019

    An innovative and forward-looking perspective largely define the City of Austin. This spirit is embodied by the many tech companies that call the Southwest neighborhoods of Austin home. Cutting-edge industries like mobile device hardware, solar, logistics, and many others all gravitate towards Southwest Austin and help propel the city’s booming economy along the way.

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    To help your organization find office space in Southwest Austin that fits your specific needs, we’ve put together a brief guide to show you everything the growth-minded area has to offer. TenantBase has the local experience and expertise to help guide your organization’s search for its next home in Southwest Austin.


    Office Space in Southwest Austin

    The southwest portion of Austin is synonymous with some of the most renowned tech-oriented companies in modern industry. The majority of the commercial space is Class A and averages 30,000 SF. Price points for Class A office space in Southwest Austin fall around $40+ SF and $35 for Class B. Most of these office parks, as well as the growing number of retailers in the area, offer ample parking as part of the lease terms. Companies can typically expect five parking spaces for every 1,000 SF of office space.


    Much of the change seen across Southwest Austin centers around a 380,000 SF mixed-use development called Lantana Place. The project will add roughly 60,000 SF of high-end retail, dining, and medical space to the area upon completion to provide a more well-rounded commercial atmosphere for local businesses and residents alike. New family-unit residential communities are also a part of Lantana Place to cater to the work-life balance so crucial to today’s workforce.


    Working in Southwest Austin

    Employees commuting to Southwest Austin enjoy the convenience of several highways within the immediate area. Mopac, 290, 360, and Southwest Parkway either cross through or skirt the region. Although Southwest Parkway has no public transportation routes running within it, MetroBus is an attractive alternative for businesses along 290, Mopac, and much of 360. Most of the area is also bike-friendly with dedicated lanes and trails.

    The many amenities throughout Southwest Austin are beneficial in attracting talent to the area. The region features movie theaters as well as a large and diverse selection of restaurants that range from casual to fine dining. Retail outlets will continue to spread as mixed-use developments like Lantana Place provide additional shopping, entertainment, and dining options for the area’s workforce.

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    Southwest Austin also features several hiking trails throughout the Barton Creek and Lost Creek areas to give employees easy access to the unique and enjoyable outdoor environment so closely associated with the city itself. Coupled with its proximity to both Austin’s Central Business District and Austin International Airport, Southwest Austin provides companies an appealing mix of location and amenities that make it attractive to talent. Let TenantBase help your organization leverage these unique benefits to make your next office space in Southwest Austin a launching point towards an enduring, prosperous future.

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