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Office Space in Southside Fort Worth Has Something for Everyone

Albert Berry
Albert Berry
Updated March 07, 2019

The strongest economic centers never stop evolving, even after they are mature with a well developed real estate footprint. Southside Fort Worth epitomizes this thought with an almost entirely developed infrastructure that continues to spur growth for its tenants and attract companies from a variety of industries.

TenantBase has extensive experience and expertise in the area’s commercial real estate market and can help your organization find and lease its next home in Southside Fort Worth. Use these details on office space in Southside Fort Worth to guide your search and allow your company to find the ideal space in this robust area of DFW.


Office Space in Southside Fort Worth

Southside Fort Worth is known for being a massive hub to the medical industry and several industrial companies. It features a variety of options for office and industrial space across all of the major office space classes. The average size for traditional office space averages between 1,500 and 3,000 sq ft whereas industrial space primarily falls between 3,500 and 5,500 sq ft.

Rents in Southside Fort Worth depend on the location and building class. Businesses can find traditional office space averaging anywhere from $18 per square foot to $34 per square foot. Industrial space in the area is at a lower price point, falling between $8 per square foot and $15 per square foot.


Although the majority of the area is already well developed, a significant revitalization initiative is underway. Many of the older buildings near Main Street are being overhauled to make way for a steady influx of organizations gravitating towards the desirable area. Tenants will find decent parking throughout the neighborhood, especially in comparison to Downtown Fort Worth.


Working in Southside Fort Worth

Employees are pleased to find a manageable commute when working in Southside Fort Worth. While there are small pockets of heavier traffic, the commute to the area is far less challenging than most of the DFW Metroplex. Easy access to I-30 and I-35 are a welcomed convenience for local talent and a definite draw to the area.

Southside Fort Worth also boasts its fair share of unique and appealing amenities that companies can use as another tool to attract talent into their organizations. The area is filled with several little-known boutique restaurants that offer diverse dining options to satisfy any palate. Employees can also find many larger franchise restaurants in Southside Fort Worth as well.

Near Southside is a 1,400 acre district that provides the area with a distinctive, offbeat spirit as well as several renovation projects that are adding to the already substantial residential neighborhoods nearby. These types of efforts are improving the work/live/play ethos that plays such a significant role in attracting talent to an area, especially with the pivotal millennial and Gen Z employee segments.

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TenantBase can help you capture those unique qualities found throughout Southside Fort Worth for your company’s benefit. Let our local insights guide your search so you can find office space in this dynamic area that propels your organization towards a bright and successful future.


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