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    Office Space in Pasadena Mixes Old Town Charm With Tech-Driven Innovation

    Lindsay Lutz
    Lindsay Lutz
    Updated May 21, 2019

    Pasadena is an ideal combination of the region’s historical roots with a distinct eye towards the future. Few areas in Los Angeles can mix old and new into such a vibrant and appealing mix that attracts everything from well-established firms to innovative startups. Mission-style architecture sits alongside sleek, modern complexes to create an attractive dynamic that a variety of companies and industries gravitate towards.

    TenantBase’s team of local real estate advisors understand the benefits that such a unique and diverse environment offers to businesses. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of Pasadena’s commercial real estate market will help you find the ideal space that takes advantage of the many opportunities and benefits this thriving city offers.


    Office Space in Pasadena

    Pasadena commercial space attracts traditional tenants like law firms and well-established corporations as well as dynamic startups and technology companies. Property managers have embraced the burgeoning tech movement felt throughout the city in recent years by integrating a more open, collaborative, and creative feel to Pasadena’s commercial space inventory. Much of the spike in demand comes from the more affordable rents in Pasadena than the notoriously more expensive west side.


    Companies can expect to find significant traditional office and retail space, growing coworking facilities, and limited smaller warehouse inventory. Space in Pasadena typically ranges from 2,000 sq to 5,000 sq ft at average rents of $3.05/sq ft. The city’s many older, more historical buildings still have many long-term tenants typified by Pasadena’s several law firms and corporate tenants. Many established coworking brands already have a significant footprint within the marketplace and cater to the rapid growth of tech companies attracted to the city’s affordable and diverse inventory.

    Tenants will also find ample parking on Lake and in structures along Colorado Blvd. Most of those structures are separate from the buildings they serve and offer 90 minutes of free parking. Several larger leases have been especially noteworthy in recent months including driverless car firm GM Cruise’s seven-year agreement for 47,000 sq ft of space near Rosemead and the 210 Freeway. Such growth equips the local economy with enough strength to absorb a progressive minimum wage that rises to $15/hr in 2020.


    Working in Pasadena 

    Pasadena employees enjoy an easier commute than the westside or much of the Valley with the 210 Freeway crossing through the heart of the city. The convenient Metro Line to Union Station is another powerful draw for talent into the area as it provides further commuting options for those that prefer to Park & Ride and skip the freeways altogether. Pasadena’s highly walkable environment means much of the city’s businesses are within walking distance of its several light rail stations. Read Next: How Much Office Space Do I Need?

    Pasadena’s many amenities and relaxed environment are also helpful in bringing talent into the city. Its streets have a distinct college town feel several Saturdays every fall as the historic Rose Bowl hosts UCLA home football games. Old Town Pasadena boasts an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, and retail shops to match the more upscale shopping and dining in The Paseo, a popular local outdoor mall. The city is also famous for its many golf courses, parks, and views of the picturesque San Gabriel Mountains. These amenities along with an appealing mix of history and innovation make Pasadena a popular choice for companies and talent alike. TenantBase’s local expertise can help you locate ideal office space in Pasadena that leverages the city’s many qualities and fits your specific needs.


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