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    Office Space in North Richland Hills Is a Front Seat to a Rapidly Growing Economy

    Albert Berry
    Albert Berry
    Updated April 04, 2019

    North Richland Hills might not be a traditional economic power in the Greater Fort Worth area but times and perspectives are rapidly changing. Now a source of robust and diverse growth, North Richland Hills is quickly becoming a favorite location for both well-established companies as well as startups and entrepreneurs.

    TenantBase understands the importance of harnessing the financial power of a growing city like North Richland Hills and wants to provide our local expertise to your office space search. Use our experience and insights into this appealing town’s commercial real estate market to find space that serves your company and employees today, tomorrow, and well into the future.


    Office Space in North Richland Hills

    North Richland Hills offers companies a diverse mix of commercial real estate that appeals to a variety of organizations and industries. Much of the city's recent spike in popularity stems from businesses leaving Keller-Lake-Grapevine in search of lower rents and availability of space. That space primarily consists of warehouse, suburban office, multistory Class B and Class C, as well as a few Class A buildings.


    North Richland Hills also offers some value-add offices and some flex/industrial properties on the southern end of the city. Office space closer to the northern border features attractive suburban office complexes, retail, and corporate HQ space. Average sizes and rents vary by type with traditional office space averaging 2,200 sq ft at $18.50 per sq ft and industrial space around 7,000 sq ft at $10 to $12 per sq ft. True distribution space is closer to the $5 to $6 per sq ft range. Retail space averages 3,000 sq ft with rents around $20 per sq ft on the southern end of the city and roughly $30 to $35 per sq ft on the north side.

    Companies should expect to find plenty of parking throughout North Richland Hills as well as a healthy development push. City Point is a 125-acre plan development that will serve as an office and employment hub and ultimately add 400,000 sq ft of additional office space to the city. Significant transit-oriented developments (TODs) around the Iron Horse and Smithfield TEXRail stations bring the benefits of mixed-use projects that enhance the ever-important work/life balance for the local workforce.


    Working in North Richland Hills

    Traffic is relatively tame commuting to and from North Richland Hills thanks to the completed 820 toll roads. Local businesses will also find that bus routes and Trinity Metro’s TEXRail commuter line are powerful draws for local talent into the city. The previously mentioned Iron Horse and Smithfield stations provide convenient commuting options for those that prefer to Park & Ride or leave the car at home altogether.
    Read Next: How Much Office Space Do I Need?North Richland Hills also offers many appealing amenities for employees. Several unique restaurants, diverse retail options, and green space in golf courses, parks, and trail systems ensure local talent has a welcome counterbalance to their work life. With narrowing vacancy rates, expanding residential areas, and a generally desirable place to both work and live, North Richland Hills is a city on the rise. TenantBase can help you find the ideal office space in this growing city and leverage its many qualities for the benefit of both your company and employees.


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