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Office Space in Houston’s Galleria Is the Face of Prosperity

Ashley Myers
Ashley Myers
Updated January 03, 2019

The Galleria area, also known as Uptown, in Houston is more than just a neighborhood. It is symbolic of the city’s robust growth and sparkling potential with a glamour and prestige that makes it a shining example of Houston’s economic prosperity. Home to high-end retail as well as a wide range of big industry and professional firms, Galleria and Uptown form a powerful combination that will continue to be emblematic of the city’s growth and bright future.

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TenantBase wants to help you find commercial space in the Galleria area that suits your specific needs and expectations well. As your local experts in the Houston office space market, our experience and insights can help you leverage the most out of the prestigious area and take full advantage of its many amenities and enviable location. Use this brief guide of office space in Houston’s Galleria to make a well-informed decision that meets your company’s goals and lofty potential.


Office Space in the Galleria Neighborhood

Industries as varied as energy, financial, real estate, and several professional services, call the Galleria area home. The 10 million SF of commercial space in Uptown consists primarily of Class A, Class A+, coworking, flex, and retail space to serve the many different needs of the area’s diverse tenants. Companies can also find a wide assortment of space sizes to similarly serve those diverse needs at average monthly rents of approximately $30/SF.


Leases typically provide parking spaces at an average of four spaces per $1,000 of the monthly rent. Parking is usually not a problem in the Galleria area with valet services at nearly every location as well as a garage and massive surface lot in Uptown.


Working in the Galleria and Uptown Sections of Houston

The Post Oak Boulevard Project is a significant overhaul of the area’s driveability and public transportation options that will have a considerable positive impact on tenants upon completion in 2019. The initiative does not include any additional commercial space but is transforming Post Oak Boulevard into an efficient thoroughfare that will benefit tenants and customers alike in the busy Galleria section of Houston.

The project is adding several Park & Ride locations as well as new bus lines across the area to ease the commute and help make the Galleria even more attractive to talent. Once the transformation of Post Oak Boulevard is complete, commuters will have dedicated Park & Ride stations connecting to Westpark Tollway/Highway 59 as well as Katy Freeway and Highway 290 that will be welcome alternatives to the often congested nearby interstate system.

The amenities within and around the highly walkable area are another powerful draw for talent. The Galleria is the largest retail center in Texas and one of the biggest in the country. Twenty-five million people visit the Galleria every year to experience its variety of high-end retail outlets. The Uptown Shopping Center also features many exclusive brands and luxury shops along with several restaurants and bars. Several hotels within the area make the Galleria and Uptown a popular destination for tourists and help make it Houston’s second largest business center and the 14th largest in the nation.

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With other outstanding local amenities like the Hines Waterwall Park, Memorial Park, and several high-end residential communities, the Galleria neighborhood in Houston is very desirable and distinctive. Let TenantBase’s extensive knowledge and experience with the local commercial property market transform your search for new space and take full advantage of this prestigious area’s many benefits.

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