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Office Space in HEB/Mid-Cities Fort Worth Attracts a Wide Spectrum of Industries

Albert Berry
Albert Berry
Updated March 12, 2019

The Hurst, Euless, and Bedford section of mid-cities Greater Fort Worth, better known as HEB, serves an anchor point to the region’s booming economy and thriving workforce. It’s a jack-of-all-trades area for the Metroplex that leverages a centralized location and broad appeal for businesses and nearby residential tracts. This unique combination of attributes makes HEB a vital contributor to the overall success of the DFW economy.

TenantBase can help your organization take full advantage of the many qualities that make the HEB section of mid-cities so desirable for companies and their employees. Use this information on the local commercial real estate market as a guide for your search and find office space in HEB that suits your particular demands, goals, and vision for your enterprise.


Office Space in HEB/Mid-Cities

The HEB section of Greater Fort Worth is in the midst of a significant revitalization. A wide variety of companies flock to this area of mid-cities to take advantage of its economic rebirth as well as affordable price points. Much of the commercial space inventory consists of warehouse, standalone suburban office space, multistory Class B, Class C, and a few Class A buildings. Along with a significant amount of flex space, HEB naturally attracts everything from professional service firms to tech startups with its array of commercial space types and reasonable rents.

Office space averages between 2,000 and 2,500 sq ft in HEB with industrial properties around 5,000 sq ft and retail space closer to 1,700 sq ft. Rents vary according to the type of space with traditional office averaging $18.50 per sq ft, flex space ranging from $10 to $12 per sq ft, true distribution space around $5 to $6 per sq ft, and retail from $30 to $35 per sq ft.

Companies can expect to find ample parking throughout the HEB/mid-cities region that will serve local businesses well as revitalization and expansion plans progress. Much of that redevelopment centers around 183 and Highway 26 corridor. Significant road improvements and a comprehensive cleanup initiative over roadside signage are also key components of the region’s extensive efforts.


Working in HEB

HEB/mid-cities is appropriately named given the region's central location within DFW. Commuters find the area extremely accessible thanks to that location. Traffic is relatively mild in comparison to most of the Metroplex and employees have many options to cut through the mid-cities and bypass highway traffic altogether. Several bus routes also service the area to provide commuters with an attractive alternative to the typical commute.

HEB also features a handful of significant retail clusters to further attract local talent. The North East Mall at 820 and 183 offers a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Employees also frequent the many retailers found along the Rufe Snow corridor. Several local golf courses, parks, and the Trinity River and its miles of biking and walking trails give local talent easy access to plenty of green space.


A reasonable commute, central location, and abundant amenities make the HEB/mid-cities area attractive for companies of all shapes and sizes. With over 100,000 households located within a 10-minute drive of the region, it's fair to say that HEB is also an appealing location for employees and families as well. You can count on TenantBase to guide your search for new office space in this desirable community and turn your company's address in HEB into a source of success and growth well into the future.


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