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Office Space in Gwinnett Enjoys Thriving Neighborhoods & Diverse Industries

David Danhof
David Danhof
Updated April 23, 2019

The Gwinnett submarket of the Greater Atlanta area is a study in appealing contrasts. Large corporations neighbor the region’s many smaller, eclectic businesses in an environment that balances vast natural beauty with a vibrant economic heart. Gwinnett typifies both the charm and drive of Atlanta’s economy and won’t be slowing down any time soon.

TenantBase’s team of local real estate advisors are experts in everything Gwinnett has to offer your business. Our experience and insights into this strong Atlanta submarket can drive your search and help you find the ideal office space that will serve both your company and workforce well into the future.


Office Space in Gwinnett

Companies will find commercial space segmented by location within the Gwinnett submarket. Areas further north feature larger companies that use the concentrated residential neighborhoods as an employee base. Smaller companies cluster around the 285 corridor to flesh out a diverse local economy that is especially attractive to the telecom industry. 

The area features an abundance of Class B office and industrial space as well as a burgeoning co-working market and several large big-box warehouses along the Braselton area. The majority of the available inventory is in the 2,000 to 8,000 sq ft size range with rents averaging $18.40/sq ft and expected to remain flat for the time being.

Tenantbase-blog_InternalGraphicContainer_GwinnettCompanies looking for larger spaces of 100,000 sq ft or more can find several vacancies in the John's Creek area on the western boundary of the region. New office development has been slight in the last two cycles but property managers have aggressively maintained and updated the existing inventory to keep it relevant and attractive. Tenants should expect no issues with parking as it is abundant throughout Gwinnett.


Working in Gwinnett

Traffic can be challenging in Gwinnett but that doesn't mean employees lack effective options to ease their commute. The Peach Pass I-85 Express Lanes help a great deal during rush hour as do the Express Lane Extensions that provide another 10 miles of traffic relief. The MARTA red line already extends into southern Gwinnett and the anticipated extensions will further expand its reach into the submarket. Areas like John's Creek, Technology Park, and Norcross are also bike-friendly with several designated lanes for cyclists.

Gwinnett also features many appealing amenities that attract talent into local businesses. The Buford Highway corridor has one of the most diverse collections of restaurants and retail outlets in the country featuring selections from around the world. The Infinite Energy Center provides entertainment options with several events and concerts throughout the year. Norcross is a great example of a city in Gwinnett that has invested heavily in its downtown area, featuring a vibrant park that hosts countless family activities year-round.

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Between these attractive amenities, one of the largest residential populations in the region, and some of the most affordable single-family homes in the Greater Atlanta area, Gwinnett excels at providing a healthy work/life balance that modern employees find so important. TenantBase’s local experience can help you locate the ideal office space in Gwinnett that serves your company's needs and goals.


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