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Office Space in Goose Island Builds on Chicago’s Industrial Roots

Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
Updated February 28, 2019

Chicago relies on its industrial roots for a solid footing as it grows, innovates, and inspires the next generation of Chicagoland visionaries. No matter how forward-looking or boundary-pushing the local economy and businesses become, areas like Goose Island will always be an indispensable bedrock for the city’s distinct spirit and work ethic.

The Goose Island area of Chicago provides unique benefits to companies that fit well within its industrial but quickly evolving demeanor and make-up. TenantBase’s Chicago real estate advisors have the expertise to guide your search for new office space in this growing area of Chicago. Use our insights to your advantage so your organization’s new home in Goose Island will provide a springboard for future growth and success. Search for Office Space in Chicago

Office Space in Goose Island

Goose Island is a neighborhood with a notable past and plans for a fast-paced future. The area is extremely heavy in industrial, technology, traditional office, and wholesale-retail commercial space but is also rapidly expanding its commercial horizons. Many of the older industrial areas are converting to back office space. A significant influx of recent residential projects is changing the real estate landscape in Goose Island as well.

The majority of the market consists of warehouse, retail, office, and science park space at a minimum of 7,500 sq ft. Rents average $30/sq ft and most of the new construction focuses on creative and technology firms. The ongoing Goose Island 2025 initiative is guiding most of the area’s rebirth with a detailed plan to transform the neighborhood into a vibrant and diverse collection of companies from an assortment of industries.


Working in Goose Island

Commuting to Goose Island can be a challenge for employees but a few bus routes provide employees with convenient options. The area is also very bike-friendly for people living nearby who would rather avoid the limited parking in the neighborhood. The City of Chicago is currently in negotiations to take over an old railway running through Goose Island that might be converted into a public transportation line connecting Goose Island and Downtown in the future.

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A push to provide a better work/live/play balance helps companies attract local talent to Goose Island. Boutique shopping, several restaurants, and a growing number of nightlife spots are all close to the community. Its central location in the heart of Chicagoland is another appealing aspect of working in Goose Island. When coupled with expanding residential neighborhoods and a forward-looking initiative to propel the area into the future, Goose Island offers unique benefits to companies and employees alike.TenantBase can help you transform an address in Goose Island into a distinct competitive edge to leverage for years to come.


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