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Office Space in Downtown Fort Worth Enjoys Big City Perks Without the Hassles

Albert Berry
Albert Berry
Updated March 14, 2019

Every thriving economy has an area that functions as its heart and provides the region with a powerful financial pulse. It's the Downtown district that serves that critical function for Fort Worth with a solid footing of companies and industries and bold vision for the future. It's safe to say that the best is yet to come in Downtown Fort Worth.

TenantBase understands the unique opportunity that commercial space in Downtown Fort Worth presents to organizations of different sizes and specialties. Find a new home for your business in Downtown Fort Worth that leverages this growing economy with a robust future.


Office Space in Downtown Fort Worth

The Downtown area of Fort Worth appeals to a wide variety of organizations and industries. Several professional finance and law firms call Downtown home alongside the significant retail, restaurant, and general office space found throughout the area. The majority of the available space is Class A and B office with a handful of co-working properties within Downtown's footprint.

Businesses can expect to find a tremendous variety of space sizes with rents that average $29 per square foot for Class A office. Parking can be challenging in the area with only paid or valet parking throughout Downtown but tenants often have the option to pay for lease parking. Both the inventory of commercial real estate and parking could dramatically change in the future with the development of a few ambitious projects.

Most notable is the Panther Island Project that could add 800 acres to Downtown Fort Worth, effectively doubling its size. The project would include 12 miles of new waterfront, significantly upgraded infrastructure, substantial housing, and 3 million square feet of commercial real estate. The Stockyard redevelopment plan as well as several new apartment complexes also paint a bright and impressive picture of Downtown Fort Worth's future.


Working in Downtown Fort Worth

Commuters to Downtown Fort Worth are pleased to find a swift pace to local traffic that is uncommon to the prototypical downtown infrastructure. Despite the many one-way streets, congestion is low in Downtown Fort Worth thanks to a well-designed grid system. The recently completed TRE rail access from Downtown to DFW Airport is another reason why talent flocks to the area.

Downtown also features a number of amenities that local businesses can use to attract the significant local workforce into their organizations. The region boasts dozens of outstanding restaurants and unique outdoor activities that distinguish it from most areas in the Metroplex.

Tenantbase-blog_InternalGraphicContainer_DowntownFortWorthSundance Square is an exciting plaza with numerous shopping and dining options while the Fort Worth Water Gardens is a unique and picturesque combination of green space and stunning water features. The Panther Island Pavilion is a local entertainment venue that hosts several concerts and events throughout the year.

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Downtown Fort Worth gives tenants all of the perks of an appealing and lively downtown district without the typical drawbacks like heavy traffic and relentless congestion. Between its unique amenities, easy commute, and variety of commercial space available, Downtown Fort Worth is a desirable location for nearly any company or industry. Let TenantBase guide your search for the ideal office space in Downtown Fort Worth and see both your business and workforce thrive for years to come. 

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