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Office Space in Decatur & East Atlanta Embraces an Entrepreneurial Spirit

David Danhof
David Danhof
Updated May 07, 2019

Small businesses will always be the backbone of the overall economy. They innovate and push boundaries in ways that many larger companies struggle to imitate. In the Atlanta MSA, those forward-thinking businesses flock to Decatur and East Atlanta to foster a concentrated entrepreneurial spirit that saturates the entire submarket.

Tenantbase-blog_InternalGraphicContainer_Decatur-East-AtlantaTenantBase’s local real estate advisors have an in-depth understanding of what makes Decatur and East Atlanta such a unique and valuable part of the region’s thriving economy. Our expertise and vast experience in this submarket will help you find office space in Decatur and East Atlanta that is an ideal fit for your specific needs and goals.

Office Space in Decatur & East Atlanta

Commercial real estate in Decatur and East Atlanta focuses on the vital but often overlooked small business segment that includes a wide variety of locally owned sole proprietorships and small partnerships. The submarket specializes in providing the 1,000 sq ft space that is either in extremely short supply or nonexistent in other areas of Greater Atlanta. Rents for these spaces average $28/sq ft across the submarket.

Coworking facilities have difficulty establishing a foothold in this submarket due to the lack of available space as well as the local alternatives. Downtown Decatur and Ponce City Market are exceptions to this notion where a handful of large national operators have established a presence. Tenants and patrons of the area are accustomed to Decatur's limited parking and gravitate towards alternative transportation that avoids parking issues altogether. This dynamic will only continue to grow in strength as the Beltline project progresses and further emphasizes alternative transportation along with its quality-of-life initiatives.

Working in Decatur & East Atlanta

The majority of the submarket’s workforce lives within the immediate area which provides employees with an easy commute. MARTA rail lines and stations skirt the region and offer a popular alternative to traditional commuting along with other modern transportation options that are both abundant and encouraged throughout Decatur and East Atlanta. Bike sharing programs, Bird and Lime scooters, and other community-driven, technology-oriented commuting methods often find immediate success in the Decatur and East Atlanta submarket.

A distinct emphasis on a healthy and satisfying work/life balance draws talent to the tight-knit community and its significant employment base of small businesses. Ponce City Market and the surrounding area have become the epicenter for the submarket with a diverse selection of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. These amenities all focus around the historic and reinvigorated Sears building that plays such a pivotal role in the submarket's past and has become a vital driver for its future.

Read Next: How Much Office Space Do I Need?As the Beltline project, Ponce City Market, and other development initiatives further expand the area’s well-rounded and forward-looking appeal, Decatur and East Atlanta will continue to flex their significant financial power and unique spirit within the region's economy. TenantBase's local expertise can help your business locate office space within this vital submarket that suits your vision well into the future.

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