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    Office Space in Arlington Is at the Heart of the DFW Metroplex

    Albert Berry
    Albert Berry
    Updated March 28, 2019

    It's one thing for a city to say it has everything but quite another to actually mean it. Arlington is well positioned at the very center of the Metroplex with unique amenities not found anywhere else in the region. Already an industrial powerhouse with an eye focused firmly on the future, Arlington attracts a variety of companies all trying to leverage its unique footing in DFW.

    TenantBase understands the power and importance that the ideal office space brings to any organization. Leverage our unique insights and local expertise into Arlington commercial real estate and make your company's next home a distinct and lasting asset that serves you for years to come. We've gathered data points on what to expect during your search to make certain your efforts are as well-informed and effective as possible.


    Office Space in Arlington

    Companies of all shapes and sizes are drawn to Arlington for the many benefits an address within its borders offers. Businesses can expect to find massive industrial pockets off of Highway 360 that represent over 30% of all the industrial product within the Metroplex. The city also features a significant amount of Class A+ through B- office space particularly off of I-30 and I-20. Arlington also houses a vast inventory of retail space concentrated in massive retail strips on Collins Street, Parks Mall at Arlington, and Arlington Highlands.


    Businesses will find a variety of sizes averaging anywhere from 2,000 to 7,000 sq ft with rents around $22 per square foot. Tenants in Arlington typically don't have to worry about parking with the possible exception of game day at AT&T Stadium. The most significant changes occurring in the city's commercial real estate market over the next few years involve the completion of the new baseball stadium in 2020 and the adjoining Texas Live! project. This ambitious mixed-use development is adding several restaurants, entertainment venues, retail locations, and hotels to the heart of DFW in Arlington.


    Working in Arlington

    Arlington is not known for being an especially commuter friendly area but there are still attractive commuting options. Public transportation via the TRE to Fort Worth or Dallas is a significant draw for local talent into the city. Arlington's numerous unique amenities naturally serve as another powerful tool for businesses to attract DFW talent into Arlington. Professional sports, amusement parks, countless retail options, and a huge variety of restaurants are just some of the perks of working in Arlington. READ NEXT: How to Create a Positive Work Environment When Moving to a New OfficeWith easy access to highways, Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW Airport, and virtually any location in the region, Arlington is within a half-hour of any place in the DFW Metroplex. That centralized location, appealing amenities, and variety of commercial space make Arlington a desirable home for a wide range of companies and industries. Let TenantBase help you along your search and find ideal office space in Arlington that serves your organization and employees well.


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