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    Office Space by East LBJ Is the Center of Dallas’ Industrial Heart

    Updated October 04, 2018

    Tech companies are propelling the thriving Dallas economy and a strong work ethic still fuels the beating heart of the city’s personality and attitude. Nowhere is this notion epitomized better than the East LBJ area or, more specifically, throughout the businesses along the LBJ freeway between the Central Expressway and I-30. Long an industrial cornerstone to the DFW workforce and economy, the East LBJ area of Dallas continues to be a highly productive region and the backbone of the city.

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    Industrial and Office Space Along the East LBJ

    Filled with automotive shops, construction companies, and a variety of service-oriented businesses, commercial space on both the far eastern and western sides of East LBJ are predominantly industrial in nature. An extensive range of companies and sectors gravitate towards these spaces, where a combination of roughly 2,000 SF of industrial space and 1,000 SF of office space gives businesses room for both production and administrative needs.


    The central portion of East LBJ consists primarily of traditional office space, flex space, and mid to high-rise complexes with rents that can vary widely according to the type of space. Several different industries are served by the primarily Class B space available. Given its proximity to LBJ and other major transportation arteries, commercial space along the East LBJ corridor is known for its convenient location and appeal to a broad spectrum of companies of all different shapes and sizes.


    Working Along the East LBJ

    Like most areas within Dallas, East LBJ sees its fair share of rush hour traffic, though not nearly as bad as the nearby Central Expressway. It pays for workers near East LBJ to know any and all helpful tips to get them to and from work with as few headaches as possible. Both DART light rail and bus lines are available for workers that prefer to leave the car at home and use public transportation. The LBJ/Skillman Station on DART’s Blue Line sits almost directly in the middle of East LBJ, making it convenient for much of the businesses sitting along the freeway. For those that prefer to drive, there is a silver traffic lining as a recently approved spending bill will be expanding LBJ to create additional lanes and a much-improved interchange at I-30.

    Aside from commuting issues, parking typically isn’t a concern. Despite a lack of public lots, a company’s monthly rent includes available parking spaces. Given the industrial nature of the East LBJ area, there are very few dining and entertainment options to choose from meaning employees that prefer restaurant eating must be willing to drive a bit on their break.

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    No matter the size of your company or industry you serve, the wide variety of commercial space types and sizes along East LBJ can make the search for your next space hectic and lengthy. Rely on the expertise of your TenantBase advisor to help steer you through your search and lease negotiations to find space that fits your particular demands and goals best.


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