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Austin Office Space in The Domain and The Arboretum Is in the Center of Innovation

Jon Olofson
Jon Olofson
Updated February 19, 2019

Downtown Austin’s explosion in popularity and demand has done wonders for the equally innovative areas of The Domain and The Arboretum. Home to many of the largest and most forward-thinking companies in the world, both areas are now synonymous with Austin’s unique spirit, diverse corporate footprint, and a keen eye on the future.

TenantBase local real estate expertise can help you in your search for new office space in The Domain or The Arboretum. Use our guide on these two rising stars in the Austin commercial real estate market to make a well-informed decision that can serve your organization and employees well for years to come.
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Office Space in The Domain and Arboretum

Both The Domain and The Arboretum have a distinctly tech-oriented and trendy feel to them. The Arboretum is home to many technology and professional firms while The Domain features large facilities for companies like Facebook, Amazon, Indeed, and Trend Micro. Space in The Arboretum is primarily older Class A with a wide variety of tenants as well as significant retail space. The average size in The Arboretum is about 7,000 sq ft with approximately 10 properties over 20,000 sq ft. Rents average about $21 per square foot.

The Domain features bigger and newer properties that are mostly new construction Class A and vertical mixed-use. Commercial space averages about 20,000 sq ft at rents of $30 per square foot. The Domain also offers high-end retail and traditional mixed-use space so the area serves a variety of companies and industries well. The industrial segment of both The Arboretum and The Domain are combined with the North and Northwest areas of Austin. Parking is relatively easy in both neighborhoods with open lots and parking garages available throughout each. Approximately 90% of leases including parking in some capacity.

While The Arboretum is essentially full without much room left for additional construction, the same is definitely not true for The Domain. The area is undergoing dramatic changes with even more expansion directly adjacent to The Domain. A new soccer stadium at McKalla Place in 2021 will further transform the immediate area as part of Austin's overall initiative to be a trendsetting, forward-looking city.


Working in The Domain and The Arboretum

With Austin's population center continually drifting northward, both neighborhoods now feature easier commutes than just a few years ago. The 183 and MoPac continue to be challenging during peak traffic times but a newer rail line expanding with the new soccer stadium will be especially useful in attracting talent to the growing neighborhoods.

Like many of Austin's other trendy areas, both The Domain and The Arboretum feature unique amenities that serve as another powerful draw for talent. The Arboretum was the first neighborhood in Austin to feature a true mixed-use feel that places an emphasis on the healthy work/live/play mix so important to the modern workforce. The Domain also excels with this important balance with its very own entertainment district called Rock Rose. Neither The Domain or The Arboretum are lacking for numerous dining, retail, and entertainment options that help both attract and retain talent from throughout the Austin area.

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Office space in The Domain and The Arboretum is a front row seat for some of Austin's trendiest and hippest areas. Already referred to as a second downtown but featuring rents lower than the central business district, this dynamic is one of the reasons why Apple is spending $1 billion on an extended campus just up MoPac on the Robinson Ranch. Given the nature of commercial real estate in Austin's thriving economy, this is a sure sign that the best is yet to come for these two appealing neighborhoods. With TenantBase as your partner, you can take full advantage of office space in The Domain and The Arboretum and transform it into a competitive advantage that's difficult to match.


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